Teen Missing After Being Swept Over Yosemite Waterfall

    June 3, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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A Sacramento, California teen is missing after being swept over a waterfall at Yosemite National Park.

According to the U.S. National Park Service, 19-year-old Aleh Kalman was swimming above Nevada Fall (pictured) on Saturday after noon. At around 2:45, Kalman was swimming to shore from a rock in the middle of the river when a current swept him over the edge of the waterfall. Kalman had come to Yosemite with a church group and was hiking the Mist Trail.

Park authorities and the California Highway Patrol (CHP) organized a search effort for Kalman that included dog teams and a CHP helicopter. Search efforts continued until Saturday night and resumed on Sunday, but the teen’s body has not been found. A large section of the Mist Trail is closed while the search continues.

Nevada Fall is a 594-foot fall located on the Merced River. The National Park Service has warned park visitors that rivers in Yosemite run at high levels this time of year, and are extremely cold.

The incident comes less than one month after the body of another hiker was found near the bottom of Vernal Fall, a 317-foot waterfall also located in Yosemite. The 73-year-old man reportedly fell from a cliff near the top of the fall.

(Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0)

[CORRECTION:] Nevada Fall is 594-feet high, not 150-feet.

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    • Michelle

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  • CCTV

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  • Yosemite Hiker

    Tragic News like this makes me sad and angry. It shouldn’t have happened. It didn’t need to happen. It is the result of sheer stupidity. The river above Nevada Falls (which is 594 feet high, not 150) is blocked by a metal railing to keep people out of the water. There are signs posted warning of the danger. You have to ignore the signs and climb over the railing to get to the river. The river flows over a huge granite slab that is worn nearly smooth and you are only about 50 feet above the falls at that point. If you slip you’re dead. There is nothing to grab onto. People go out in the water anyway. And this is what can happen. Such a waste. (By the way, the same is true at the top of Vernal Falls. The guy who was killed there last month had to climb over a safety railing to get to the edge of the cliff. So stupid. Such a waste. Such a needless tragedy.)

  • http://www.yosemiteriversideinn.com/ Louise Lewis

    This is really a very bad news. Why they allowed those teens to swim on that water fall. As far as i know, there should be a guide to the minors so that in case something bad would not happen. I hope that there is no bad things happen to them.

  • http://www.yosemiteriversideinn.com/ Robert Benjamin

    Poor kid! I think they should not allow anyone to bathe anymore in that waterfalls because it is really seriously dangerous. They should be tighten!