Teen Gives Judge The Finger, Sentenced To Jail

    February 13, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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An out-of-control teen has recently learned that life is not like an episode of “Maury”; when you act out, you don’t just get sent to an angry ex-Marine for tough love. You get fines, jail time, and internet immortality.

Penelope Soto learned the hard way that when you talk back to a judge, things go quickly downhill. After being arrested for drug possession in Miami, Soto appeared before Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat only to giggle, play with her hair, and roll her eyes at him. It may have been an attempt to disarm the judge with girly cuteness, but it failed miserably. After an initial bond set at $5,000, Soto gave a catty, “Adios” and walked away…only to be called back and have her bond upped to $10,000 for her contempt. Astounded, Soto asked if he was serious, and when he replied he was, she gave him an angry bird and told him to f*ck himself.

The punishment for her attitude? 30 days in jail.

  • No name

    What’s the big deal with the judge? He is a typical judge arrogant and intemperate…people get the finger all the time and are able to go on with their lives without having to make a big stink about it…the girl is just a teen, typical space cadet but nothing to put her in jail for 30 days…judges like to play gods forgetting they too are only human, or as if they have never uttered a single aspersion in their lives.

    • http://www.ajprintingandpublishing.com Aaron Poscovsky

      Mr No Name. You and people like you are wrong. This way kids are out of control. And, when they get older and some says any thing to them, they get a gun and start killing people.

    • jeff

      No name: You’re a bigger fool than the girl, since I’d presume you apparently should know better. This girl is laughing at every word he says, but HE’S arrogant? You sound like a little boy with an anti-authority complex.

      Clearly the girl is young and foolish, but she found her way into the criminal justice system, and she is treating it like a joke. She obviously is comfortable laughing her way through it.

      The judge isn’t acting like God. He’s acting like a JUDGE. That’s his position. He judges. We put him there to do that. That environment demands some decorum. I applaud him for not condoning her b.s. and lack of respect. He gave her numerous opportunities to respond properly.

      If you think flipping the finger is just fine anywhere you want, you’re an idiot. You’re fine with people doing that during your wedding? Your kids do that at your dinner table?

      30 days, harsh – maybe. But on the flip side, unlike far too many other youths, he may be saving her from a repeat that would have far more dire consequences than 30 days in the can. Hopefully the next judge she sees, she will have a better understanding of what is expected of her. I doubt she’s laughing anymore.

    • really jeff?

      Jeff, the girl is in an orange jumpsuit due to the fact that she was arrested for breaking the law. Therefore, he entire demeanor was disrespectful with all the laughing and kidding around. Kids today do realize the severity of thier actions often enough. This judge was leniant at first with a typical bond value of $5000, but since she thought it was a joke and continued to kid around not learning a lesson, he upped it to $10,000, in which she clearly started to realize that she better straighten up. But of course, like a moron, she flips the bird and tells him to F*** off, which rightfully landed her in jail. The sentence may be for 30 days but I am sure after a few days or so of good behavior they will let her go. This should teach her a lesson to respect figures of authority and not to BREAK THE LAW! Speaking to a judge in that manner in a courtroom is considered Contempt, which is breaking a law. Get a clue Jeff.

    • Debi

      Just a teen that needs some time to cool down. Maybe even learn to be nice to other people? Wow, what a concept!!! don’t you get it???

    • CO

      You’re joking, right? You seriously can’t see what’s wrong with this picture? Let me tell you something from 13 years of working courtrooms and as a CO; these people have no respect for themselves. How can we expect that they will have respect for anyone else.
      You should go sit in a couple of courtrooms and watch a sentancing calendar sometime. It will teach you how much contempt is out there. The rest of these posters are right; this is what’s wrong with society. An entire generation has grown up thinking they are entitled to say and do whatever they want, whenever they want.
      When we bring them up to the courtroom they are all confident and knowing. When we take them back all they do is whine about how they were treated unfairly or how they weren’t understood. We see a side of society that no one else either wants to see or will ever see.
      I’d work this judges courtroom any day of the week. To bad I’m not in Florida.

    • Julian

      where did she think she was? man was she ever dumb

  • jeff

    I’d conclude that verbally telling a judge to EFF himself was probably a far greater insult than the finger.

  • JF

    Finally … a judge with the balls to slap somebody down for acting like a spoiled child. Bravo!!!!

    • brian

      what this girl said and did was wrong. but I have to say…. I bet it felt good.

      come on everybody… how many times would you LOVE to flip the bird to an A-hole judge who abuses his power.

      Penelope Soto. what you did was wrong, but you are my hero…lol :)

  • No name

    Finally someone like Penelope with the guts to tell an intolerant judge off!

    • Debi

      Who is arrogant?

      • brian

        Penelope Soto… what you did was wrong…But you are my hero….lol 😛 :)

    • Brad

      Says the person hiding behind the anonymous login name.

    • charlie

      Worked pretty good for her, eh.

    • schr8er

      You are an idiot… so you think her response was right ?? Probably your girlfriend or something… she is a little brat and the because she got caught with drugs the judge was letting her off easy,.. until she acted like a spoiled 4 year old that didnt get HER way… GOOD for the judge… maybe next time she will leave her fingers in her nose like the little snot she is… OH.. and I hope she learns a few MORE things while serving those 30 days…. and that she likes girls….

  • http://yahoo angue

    What did she think was going to happen? Dumb ass kids! Out of control! Pay attention! This is what happens when you pop off to authority.

  • John

    Good for judge, Kids today need to learn respect and maybe she will learn to keep her mouth shut.

    • Debi

      Doubt that will happen John. We can only pray!!!

  • richard hitt

    thank God for judges like this, too often adults/teens/kids think everything is a joke. She will better understand civility and respect when she gets an education in the slammer…..thank you Judge.

    • Debi


  • Debi

    About time there is a judge that makes it happen.. She is nothing but a little BBBBBB!!!!

  • teacher

    To those that think it is “nothing” to flip off a judge, or to have “attitude” while being taught a
    lesson, or to bad mouth an authority figure…..well, let me tell you. 30 years of teaching, and THIS
    generation is just foul, horrible, out of control, and without empathy, generally speaking. MY
    generation did a terrible job at parenting this current generation of kids, and all the people on her
    bucking authority, will no doubt have problems in their futures. There is a time and a place to accept
    that you acted like a jerk, to take the punishment (and her punishment WAS originally mild) and be
    respectful and LEARN FROM IT!!!!!!!!!! This is what I see lacking, and to be honest, most of us teachers
    have had enough and are beginning to walk away from this, now, hellish profession. Mostly, I blame
    the parents. They are not present enough to their children, and they are terribly inconsistent. Hence,
    the child doesn’t learn. Even lion cubs learn more thoroughly than humans. The mama lioness will
    swat her cub to teach it to behave, so that it can grow up and thrive. Humans are nothing short
    of disrespectful, always have been, but are now SO out of control that I see nothing but more problems
    for our species. I think the girl got off with a very light sentence for how she behaved. She is lucky she didn’t get 6 months, anger management classes, and a stiffer fine. I think the judge was far too
    easy on her, to be honest.

    • Jason

      You know, before you condemn the current generation as “foul, horrible, out of control, and without empathy,” please consider the racist, sexist, and Euro-centric attitudes of the previous generation, and realize it’s all relative.

      • Herman

        Jason you are wrong. Yes, the previous generation had there own issues but its not at all relative. Its very poor parenting which has led to this lack of respect for not only elders and people, its a lack of respect for anything and everything. This i dont give a shit and i deserve everything attitude is going to get this country in a lot of trouble. The sense of entitlement that people have is not what this country was built on. I am extremely worried for the future of this country. We need more people like this judge to lay down the law and demand respect form these kids. Who knows this act may have just saved this kids life. Maybe this will be enough to make her change her ways. Mr. judge keep up the good work!!

        • Jason

          First, I suspect your confusing “wrong” with “holding a different opinion.” Secondly, I’ll ignore the recently created “sense of entitlement” rhetoric except to mention that the post-Roosevelt/pre-Reagan generations enjoyed entitlements well beyond those currently received.

          To continue, I would like you consider what your saying. You believe that this girls actions and the actions of kids like her are worse than the attitudes and actions of previous generations. That would require you to accept that saying “adios” and showing the judge her middle finger is more morally reprehensible than an entire race of people being subjected to second class citizenship, threats of violence, sub-par education/healthcare/standards of living/ ect…

          Today’s generation has an attitude you don’t like. Yesterday’s generation subjugated an entire race to a lower existence.

          • Tom

            Then taught the next generation to treat everyone like that.

  • No name

    My God…the vitriole, the hostility, the animosity…the hatred…sad very sad…judge NOT that ye be not judged!

    • Julian


      • PistolPT


  • http://yahoo randy

    Bravo for this judge!! He should run for Governor, or better yet President.

  • Gary

    Good for the judge. Tough lesson for the little girl. BTW, hope she can pay the fine or she may be spending more than 30 days in the pokey.

  • PhaQ

    She’s just an ignorant, POS, attention whore…who needs to learn to keep her trap shut. However, she’s the future in this Idiocracy we are currently in.

  • TX_Gurl

    HA! Good for him. Kids like that need to spend time in jail for being idiots.

  • Julian

    now she has a drug conviction and a contempt of court. this is really going to help her job prospects in an already tough job market.

  • Jon

    Wow! This girl must have a severe case of the “superiority complex”.

    In her future as an adult, ending up in a psychiatric facility or jail (either state, county, or federal) is most likely going to be her destination.

  • Dan

    The judges in Lindsay Lohan’s life should take a lesson.

  • kim

    now that’s what you call tough love more judges should follow suit…kudos to him

  • http://www.webpronews.com/teen-gives-judge-the-finger-sentenced-to-jail-2013-02 Eliza

    Oh my Lord i am a tenager but what i read about was completley irresponsible and 100% Wrong. Good for the judge ignorant kids like her deserve to be in jail and be rightfully punished for their wrong doings. what she did was wrong, ridickulous and disrespectfull.

  • MoTrubble

    I bet it’s not going to be the judge that ends up getting a bit of the old in/out, in/out in the next 30 days

  • bill hull

    freedom of speeck is guaranteed by the constitution but the assholes think they are fuckin god

  • ConnieB

    Ok…what do we have to do to get this Judge assigned to Lindsay Lohan’s case?

    A high five (but no fingers!) to this Judge for not putting up with this teen. The surprised/shocked look on her face is just satisfying. I’m betting that it’s the first time an authority figure has stood up to her and refused to allow this type of behavior. EXACTLY what she needs.

  • lioness

    Finally a spoiled little BRAT gets what she deserves. Hahahahahha

  • PP

    I am not surprised she did this! Considering how much Lyndsey Lohan has gotten away with why shoud she take the courts seriously! Good for the judge for making a statement!

    • BP

      Lindsay Lohan? How do you go through life with such low comprehension?

    • PistolPT

      Yeah…seriously. What the heck are you talking about PP?

  • dixiedog44

    Do you reckon the lamebrain will learn anything by this encounter? Probably not, but I would seriously recommend that she NEVER comes in front of this judge again. Do no believe that he will have forgotten her spitefulness and complete disregard for his honor! If it gets around that she makes fun of him in jail, some inmate will try to trade the information for a reduction of her charges. DO NOT MESS WITH THE BULL OR YOU WILL GET GORED!

  • Ron

    So who is getting the finger now… in jail :)

  • dixiedog44

    After reading some of the comments I will add that there is certainly an increase in the number of idiots like this one, but there are still a lot of respectful, well-mannered and polite kids out there. Unfortunately, we do not pay attention to them like we do the cruddy ones.

  • Robert Friesth

    This poor, dumb kid didn’t realize that she couldn’t do that to the judge IN COURT? That’s like telling the King to go f*** himself. Hope she gets a trifle smarter in the next 30 days.

  • Agha Wonka Woo

    She s from the same mold as the Lloyd Blankfien and Jamie Dimons of this new world, but hasn’t got to the top yet.

  • Michelle


  • NoName

    She seems high on something. I love when the judge said adios back to her. That was hilarious

  • http://Yahoo deb o

    Thank you judge, it’s time this teen learns a little respect!

  • Ben

    The judge probably deserved it. The defendant DEFINITELY deserved it.

    • shegundala

      Ben, you’re almost as big an idiot as she is.

  • Dana

    I absolutely love this judge!! We need soo many more like them. We need to be accountable for our actions!! Way to GO Judge!!

  • Moonbeam1776

    Most Judges are on the bench not for what they know, but for who they know. It’s all politics for them. They are generally elected and re-elected by an uninformed and uneducated electorate with usually only a slight nod to the political party they allegedly represent. As a result, due to the position that they hold they do believe that they are above the law, just as most of our law makers think they are above the laws they write. Just look at the number of cops, judges and lawmakers that have been caught breaking the laws they are expected to enforce and just see how many of them actually get the same sentence that you or I would receive.

    • dmoore

      You are doing nothing but adding the disrespect that is being shown this man of honor. This is what is wrong with this country today.

      • JP

        Holding an elected or appointed position does not automatically equate to being honorable.

        A teen is in front of a judge and is nervously tugging her hair and giggling. Her voice clearly has an accent, so perhaps ádious is natural for her to say. The ‘honorable’judge gets a bug up his butt and doubles bond. Surprise the teen gets angry and reacts improperly.

        Not too much that is honorable about using your position to be vindictive to someone you aren’t happy with.

        • shegundala

          Hey JP – nincompoop – you forgot something; this little bimbo was in court for peddling drugs. …Poor nervous little thing.

      • jane jones

        how can u call this senile , old ass, pos, a man of honor. u obviously have never read the constitution of the us that says no titles of nobility shall b conferred nor no titles of marquee written, bugger off u pig loving a hole. u r probably a rag-head muslum that would like to stone this poor girl to death.

        • Bryn

          Again with the hostile open bigotry. If you are gonna quote the constitution how about the part about religious freedom or the all men were created equal part. Can’t just pick and choose what you like and discard the rest as it suits you. You either suppost the entire constitution or you don’t.

          • Moonbeam1776

            Hey Bryn…the “created equal” part is in the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution.

            Shall we check back to our U.S. Government textbook from High School?? (Just pulling your leg here)

            Have a wonderful great day. 😉

          • Bryn

            I used the wording of the Declaration because I thought the exact wording of the section of the consitiution I meant was too difficult for someone as ignorant as I was debating with. I was talkig about artical 14 section 1 which states: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws”

            Or all men are created equal. I wasn’t spending my time to try and make others feel stupid. Good job Moonbeam. Sorry it took me so long to answer, I don’t spend my every waking minute on the internet to try and belittle my fellow man.

    • david haller

      hey moonbeam what the hell does it have to do with the foul mouthed child?

    • sleepyone

      Moonbeam. FYI, wrong + wrong doesn’t = right.

    • Trev

      Ok Moonbeam, we get it. You are not found of the law and don’t trust judges. Thats cool. But wrong is wrong. I don’t trust all cops either but that doesn’t mean I’m going to justify bad behavior just because of my personal feelings. Have you ever been a judge? Look, if she was on the street and did that to someone theres a good chance someone would have knocked her out cold or worst. He went easy on her because of this thing called the “law”.

  • PistolPT

    What a beautiful thing to see! Good for this judge. There are far too many smug, attitude-stricken young people out there that think they deserve everything in life and contribute nothing. Not all, just some.

  • Delilah’sOldMan

    The problem with this video is that it ends several seconds before it shows the shocked reaction of this female when the judge gives her 30 days in jail. I’m afraid viewers will now have to go to YouTube or places like WorldStar HipHop to see the deleted 4 seconds of this video.

  • Kim

    What’s this girl doing in court anyway??? RIGHT ON JUDGE!!!! Teach her a lesson that apparently no one else has taught her. If parents were more strict with their children and taught them respect: A) she wouldn’t be in court and B)she definitely wouldn’t be disrespecting the Judge.

  • Bojangles

    She’ll probably get her own reality show after this

  • Kim

    Yea Moonbeam, What planet are you from? What world do you live in?Now I’m not saying that there are no “bad” or “corrupt” judges because there are. But you are off on a different tangent other than what happened here. What he did to that girl someone should have done with her a long time ago. Kids these days are rude and disrespectful.

    • Yeah Girl

      Kim sounds like you know Penelope…

    • Yeah Girl

      Kim you wrote, “What he did to that girl someone should have done with her a long time ago,” which leads to the conclusion that either you personally know the girl to condemn her as such or you are an extremely prejudiced, ignorant self-righteous old woman.

      • sleepyone

        well yeah girl, How can you say her behavior is otherwise. Actions speak louder than words and you don’t have to say a thing to see how this girl has “not been raised”. She has already shown us that by her actions. I’m an old woman, but I am not “prejudiced, ignorant or self-righteous (as I have never acted that way). You must know her and agree with her lack of self-control and arrogance. Wait till you get older and then you’ll see how much worse young people act then. My advice, “please, for God’s sake don’t have kids”

    • Moonbeam1776

      At no time have I ever stated that this girl did not deserve to be arrested or arraigned for the possession of drugs. That I do support 100%.
      It is the arrogance of this judge to respond to the girl’s childish behavior as if to spank a baby with an axe. The behavior of this girl was admittedly improper in any public forum. A problem which should have been remedied prior to age 5.

      I will stand on my previous statements regarding most judges.

      In the case of those judges who are appointed to the bench, the appointment stems not from their legal record, but from the personal associations they have made within the bar association or associations they hold membership with and just as many crooked backroom deals made there.
      It is a shame, the vast majority of the people in this country have formed their impressions and opinions based on the portrayals of judges in television and movies. Yes there are some judges who are honorable. Sadly, the vast majority are not.
      I strongly recommend that you spend more than 30 seconds checking the recommendations of the local bar associations prior to going to the polls to cast your ballot regarding judge elections and retentions. As I stated in my previous post, “Most Judges are on the bench not for what they know, but for who they know.” I continued with the following, “They are generally elected and re-elected by an uninformed and uneducated electorate with usually only a slight nod to the political party they allegedly represent.”

      • Trev

        How was the Judge being arrogant? He was disrespected. He’s a judge and it’s his job to withhold the law. Just look at it this way If you were telling someone very close to you an imporatant issue or something that their life depended on and they laughed in your face, you’d probably feel disrespected. If you were in school and handed your teacher homework and your teacher laughed in your face. Would you be “arrogant” if you addressed your teacher? Your logic doesn’t make sense and you keep going back and forth with your argument. You say that you are with the judge, but then you contradict yourself and say that he shouldn’t have done it. Make up your mind already your argument sounds a bit juvinile.

        • Moonbeam1776

          Regarding the bail set for the drug charge, I do agree. As to the judge’s response to her behavior afterward, I don’t.

          Have you ever heard of the 1st Amendment?

          “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

          It was very arrogant and presumptuous for the judge to respond the way he did. If Congress can not pass a law abridging the freedom of speech, than that indicates that even a judge cannot restrict the a persons expression of their opinion, regardless of whether it is perceived as disrespectful or not.

          A judge is not above the law, nor is he/she above the citizens who elected him/her to the office they hold.

          This is not Judge Judy or any of a number of television ‘courtroom’ programs. The fact is that in the case of those judges who are appointed to the bench, the appointment usually stems not from their legal record or legal aptitude, but as a result of the personal associations they have made within the bar association or other associations they hold membership with. It’s who they are buddies with.

          In regards to those who are elected to the bench, it’s a result of political connections and money.

          There are a lot of very good ethical attorneys out there who are far more qualified to sit on the bench but are not due to the lack of those crucial connections and/or the amount of money necessary to run an election campaign. Got $50,000.00 (or more) buddy???

          Instead, we have a lot of crooks on the bench, that you’d not want to invite into your home, who think they are above the law.

          You should really do some research. You’d be very surprised concerning the skeletons that many ‘judges’ have in their closets. Additionally, the number of ‘judges’ who have been caught breaking the law and had their cases dismissed, as a professional courtesy, would amaze you.

          Please keep in mind, that NOT ALL judges are cut from the same cloth. There are a minority of judges who are ethical, law abiding, who do their research and actually are not bar association and/or political insiders. They are rare though.

          So yes, I believe my statement that the ‘judge’ here was being arrogant was in fact correct. He was not harmed physically, nor was anyone else harmed in the courtroom. The only thing bruised was his ego. He, on the other hand, certainly violated this girl’s right to express herself. A violation of the 1st Amendment. An Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. A document that he took an oath to protect and defend. A document which trumps any judge.

          I don’t call this girl a HERO by any means. What she is charged with is a crime, until such time as our law makers pass laws stating otherwise. But freedom of expression is protected, just as the right to bear arms is protected.

          In any case, you might also take a look at the 10th Amendment as well:

          “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

          as well as the 14th Amendment, Section 1:

          “…No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States…”

          The judge is a representative of the “State”, also known as the Government.

  • http://lockeduniversecountyjail.blogspot.com Leslie Siegel

    Wow, tough luck, but now she’s an Internet sensation and she’ll be living life in the Locked Universe County Jail!

  • Kim

    Yea – where she can “ponder” her behavior – perfect! And maybe, just maybe she won’t be back in court – but I’m doubting it.

  • Kim

    Peneleope – sounds like I know “what” exactly?

  • Kim

    Oh the girl – no I don’t know her, but I know a lot of teens like her. Rude, disrespectful, arrogant and act entitled because their parents never taught them to be respectful and humble and to do well in school. I am older and though don’t know a lot, I know something about kids. I have one and she is a very thoughtful and respectful girl because I required that she be that way. I have been a strict parent and required my children to respect me and others.

    • Scott

      Wish what you said was correct. I know for a fact even if you raise your child like that it doesn’t mean they will never do wrong. Trust me… I don’t know the age of your kid but once they become an “adult” all hell breaks loose. Good Luck with you strict parenting ways. Most likely it will back fire.

      • david haller

        well we all can see the problem now. these words refelect whats wrong with the young ones today. do us all a favor wear a condom and dont have kids . and if you do might i suggest a good prepaid legal service and a bullit proof vest

  • Bob

    I’m around her age and I support 100% what the judge did. The actions of teens these days is ridiculous, and it is not just adults who are frustrated with this.

  • http://webpronews tb

    I believe this girl was very rude and disrespectful to this judge,but do we know what type of background she came from and how she was raised. Probably by no one she could respect or love. I saw the Fox news video and they were laughing at this girl – talk about disrespectful!!

    • Alan

      I laughed when I saw it too. Why attack Fox news?

    • Adios

      OMG. Get over it. Just go away. At least Fox News has a reputation and decency for accurate reporting…dummy.

      • Melissa

        Hahaha! Good one…….you’re kidding, right?

  • Eagleclaw72

    She pissed Kris Kringle off. Ha.

  • rick

    Good for you Penelope..Flip Fla. off , the state where they throw senior citizens in jail for having 2 joints to help with pain from sciatica…flip off all the mother fuckers. Rick 58 , Gainesville, Fl.

  • Tina

    Good for that judge…someone needs to show her she has consequences for her actions

  • fred

    I’m a black democrat who’s been in front of a judge quite a few times (latest 1996 DUI) but Fox news did’nt do nothing wrong so stop blaming them for this smart alick girl. I don’t care where or how she was raised common sense would tell you to show respect to a judge. She needed a wake up call!

  • paul

    Now, send Lindsey Lohan to see this judge

  • Sarah

    Thanks you your honor.You need to have A regular Judge club ,Someone need to start having respect for other . keep up the good work .Love to see more of this

    • jane jones

      u know u r ignorant beyond any thing imaginable. this ole dress wearing gay boy ups this girls bail. then calls her back 2 times is no good. his mexicoon ass should b deported after serving a 10 year sentence in the federal pen. in atlanta ga. we need to make all police, prosecutors, judges, bail-bondsmen, & state & fed. legislators spend 7 yrs. flat time before they start their careers.

  • http://googlechrome avery bond

    way to go judge should give her 90 days

  • Jason

    If she was really innocent in the first place, she never would have to try to defend herself so much and flip the bird. This is a good example that our politicians have demonstrated to the youth of today that they can get away with doing just about everything… I’m glad this judge showed some guts to put this criminal, who thought she was invincible to everything, straight to jail where she belongs. Good still overrules bad in this crazy country we live in even though it doesn’t seem like it.

  • KimI

    I’m almost 25 and I totally agree with what this judge had done. That girl was outright rude to the judge. But he does look like Santa Claus; hmm maybe she won’t get nothing for Christmas 2013? LOL. Teach her a lesson and now let’s send the Lohan’s to this judge!

  • shegundala

    Ben, you’re almost as big of an idiot as she is.

    • Tom

      He just explained why he laughed than said the judge did the right thing. How is he an idiot? I think your just an ass

      • Sarad

        I agree Ton. People have nervous tics. I do giggle or laugh if I am insanely nervous(and having been before a judge, to testify as a character witness) that is stressful and involentary reactions aren’t exactly something you can’t control. Instead of running your mouth trying actually thinking about what that kind of situation is like, how that person feels. In this case with the girl. She *DID* deserve it. She was out of line. I bet she won’t do that again.

  • Ben

    I had a similar situation happen to me. I laugh when I get nervous and the judge read that the wrong way and sentenced me to 21 days in juvenile detention. This girl, however, probably deserved what was coming her way. At least TRY and show some respect in HIS courtroom.

    • jane jones

      u probably deserved what u got because u think & know that u r a criminal this girl probably didn’t know that this old mexicoon gay boy fond of wearing women’s black dresses to sit on a bench & hassle people, would sentence her to jail & excessive bail for the most minute reasons.
      we need to get our posse together & go find this old fart & run his beaner ass out of our country.

      • Bryn

        This man is an american born citizen. She was there on a DRUG charge. She deserved what she got for being disrespectiful and for partaking in illegal DRUGS. And if you ask me, people that use predjuiced terms like “mexicoon gay boy” should be the ones to get run out of this country before their hateful ignorence spreds and they make all Americans look like bigoted idoits.

      • freddie

        jane jones,

        I didn’t know monkeys could type.. good for you!

  • jane jones

    this old mexicoon in the black dress should b deported to his home country. we have too many old gays & homos trying & tearing our system of justice apart for trivial crimes that they them-selelves have done in the past.
    i believe that all judges, prosecutors, & police should b required to do 10 years flat time in the state pen, & if u r federal , it would b 15 years flat time in the fed. pens of Leavenworth, atlanta, or marion il.

    • freddie

      You’re what they call, a simpleton.

    • Debby

      Since this judge and the defendant are in Florida my guess is that he (and she?) are from Cuba or possibly Puerto Rico. The defendant clearly is at fault and should be lucky that the judge didn’t lock her up indefinitely! Jane, it sounds as if you have had negative experience with the law and, somehow, that doesn’t surprise me.

  • rick p

    what the hell is wrong with you people? this is first amendment shit clearly, being sentenced to jail for showing your displeasure I hope he gets debenched, you’re not above everyone else, even if she was disrespectful show some fucking class judge.

  • aa

    most people don’t know it but when you elect a judge, you give that judge the taxpayers blank checkbook in the form of a jail. a jail which cost the taxpayers $150 dollars per day per inmate. when they set bail too high and inmate can’t post the bail – its costs the taxpayers tons of money. when judges give jail sentences of 30 days for bird flipping he just cost the taxpayer $4,500. this judge obviously doesn’t give a crap about the taxpayer, or justice for that matter. in florida you have the right at hearings to speak. this judge violated the first amendment, violated this teen, and vilated the taxpayer. this judge needs to be sanctioned, fined, disbarred, and fired. take the blank checks away from all judges and hold them accountable to the taxpayer. ps – the moron defense lawyers will do nothing about this as they have to see their buddy the judge every week in other court cases. yo lawyers – where is the outrage? yo taxpayers – where is the outrage?

    • freddie

      You need to be put in a home for the mentally unstable. The girl should have gotten 90 days in jail!

      • Moonbeam1776jr

        You must have unlimited funds in your checkbook, so the state should give you the bill for her jail costs!

  • Jason

    Some of these comments are ignorant. Attacking the judge by calling him a homo and attacking his race, really? So fucking sad. She got what was coming to her, she should have kept her mouth closed. Anyone who thinks differently either has a Xanax drug addiction or is simply ignorant. Have a good day! Adios!

  • Win Adams

    Stupid little twit got exactly what she deserved. It’s obvious that she has no respect for the Court system and feels that she can do anything she wants and get away with it. Her behaviour constitutes contempt of court and my local judge would most likely have given her 90 days. This is exactly what happens when you raise kids and do not teach them respect.

    • Farrah

      My sentiments exactly. It’s sad when kids aren’t taught to respect authority. She shoud be ashamed of herself!!!

  • Chris Baz

    i love how many of you are so against the girl. America is a free country, isnt it? This judge must be totally insecure to throw someone in jail for fliping the bird at him. 1st amendment! People gotta stop being obedient sheep, and start standing up to the greedy corrupt system we live in. People shouldnt be afraid of our government. GOvernment should be afraid of their people. This girl is a HERO.

    • freddie

      What are you, some kind of liberal moron?

    • fakeyouare

      what is wrong with society today; People who think like you do. pride rules their every thought, it is and always will continue to be all about you.killers think like that, rapists think like that, and total degenerates. you have to ponder where you might slide to with your total lack of grace and respect for authority.

    • debwarnsholz

      you are so ignorant! that is exactly the attitude that got our society into the mess it is! lack of regard and respect for authority! grow up

    • joe

      This is a typical liberal response, some idiot like this girl has to kill somebody before its an issue. Judges have to get a lot tougher on these moronistic so called girls. i.e., Lindsey


    • James

      It isn’t free for people that break the law, you moron! She is a hero for possessing illegal drugs?

    • Jimm

      We need to respect our judges, they are not the government! I see people all the time with those Piss on La migra stickers in their windows, that’s why this country is going to hell in a handbasket, because of people like you who condone these types of behaviour. the first amendment means we have a right to speak freely yes! However when you are caught with drugs and brought to a courtroom in front of a magistrate it means you screwed up, so shut up and take your punishment dumb ass!!!!

      • Moonbeam1776jr


  • liz law

    HER behaviour is beyond comprehension!!!!!!!!! She obviously has no respect for HERSELF even, acting so horribly. If she would display such behaviour in a court, what in the world would she do outside of court?? She’s a risk to society as obviously, has anger issues. She needs HELP!!!

    • Colt

      Oh yeah, cause flipping someone off really shows how dangerous you are. I guess that’s what every inmate who’s in jail now did to be put there was to flip someone off? Right..

      • SFS

        Colt… You obviously were not taught to RESPECT your elders. Yes you can have your own opinion on a subject and yes you can stand up for yourself but she only made herself look like a baby throwing a temper tantrum. It showed she has no self restraint. There is a time and a place for such behaviour and in a court of law is not the place. I commend the judge in this matter. The fact that you commend her makes me worry about your future and the future of our society.

  • Colt

    Respect for herself??? LOL’S! she’s just expressing her feelings, not shooting up a theater or a school. Jesus Christ, people take things way too seriously. She’s my hero!


    • peter

      Youre an idiot.

    • Gordon Oliver

      There are proper venues for expressing yourself. In a courtroom you should conduct yourself in a respectful manner. She is a prime example of the lack of respect the youth of today have for the law. Personally I would have given her 3 months. And if I was her father…she would be grounded until she collected social security!

    • Dani3ll3

      Ok Colt let’s stick your stupid ass in the pen with her.

  • eddie hansen

    Hey Colt – Up yours! Learn some respect for people in general. If she is your hero then you are definitely the biggest loser in this world – BITE ME!

  • Regina Morris

    He’s got my vote!

    • KATHY

      Mine too!!!!


    only 30 days?? she should of gotton that just for the Drugs.Shw got off easy

  • http://microsoft ernest kaufman



  • lee

    Did you listen to the tape. She was giggling maybe she was nervous, but she was inappropriate. But when the judge upped her bond, he was out of control. She only said adios. What was wrong with that it was not in a disrespectful manner. Then the judge reacted inappropriately and then when someone responds inappropriately he gets more inappropriate. She still is facing drug possession charges. Now because she is in jail for 30 days she will probably lose her job. Then her place to stay, she has to have money but with no job what can she do? She is young and she made a mistake, but the judge is not young.

    • Nicole

      Oh, well, she just learned there a consequence for actions. Hate to go to extremes, but here’s an example. “Hi, I’m the AIDS virus. Oh, Jane, I know you had unprotected sex just this one time with this guy you JUST met. I know what you did was not smart, but I won’t infect you this time because you’re a first-timer.” Be for real. When you act stupid, expect to get what you deserve.

  • Familiar Thoughts

    Good for her!

    Recently a judge stated that such an action is an opinion and to detour a person from communicating their dislike with verbal and or body language is protected under the freedom of speech. The man was not physically hurt nor was there an immediate danger to anyone within the court room. The judges authority was still in tact, it was his personal ego that was left on the floor. If our investment company was stronger I would pay for her release and place a civil lawsuit against the state (the judge represents the state) and seeing how judges are protected while doing their job I would seek an injunction against him to have all cases reviewed for his over reach in this case which is also called cruel and unusual punishment (8th amendment)and is illegal!

    Fight on with the knowledge that there is something for you in this world! Fight with knowledge, love, compassion, and self. Greed and hate have already been tried and look where that got us! Peace onto you all -Familiar Thoughts (Find me on YouTube and answers.yahoo)

    P.S. we invest in people and allow them to achieve their dreams FOR FREE!

    • Moonbeam1776


      Finally, someone with some intelligence and who knows what they are talking about!!!


      Sheeple, don’t give up your God-given rights to the elites! Fight for your 1st Amendment rights!

      Just because some bozo in a black robe sitting behind a bench says something, doesn’t mean that it is right or correct.

  • Fly

    Ok this girl was flippy and needs to learn some etiquette. However, this girl only said goodbye/farewell in her native language. I was un clear if the bond or punishment was doubled as he said charge one. The crime was a petty crime. She had a single xanax. I understand this is often abused. However when not abused and proscribed its used to treat “anxiety disorders, panic disorders, and anxiety caused by depression” and this person seems like she probably needs them. She had no priors either.
    So with saying Adios (which is goodbye), the Judge took this as an insult and punished her future for it, egging her on. I’m sure the Judge had a good idea what was going to happen, I’m sure this isn’t his first rodeo.
    This girls obviously has not money forking for $200 a week. So I highly doubt she has medical coverage either. You can clearly see she’s nervous. People express this in different ways. And yes by watching the full video on YouTube, it makes more sense. Maybe the Judge was tiring to send her a message due to his lack of understanding, after all he didn’t even know what xanax was, so how can he possibly judge? He probably seen some ditsy girl abusing drugs that was disrespectful because I’m sure he sees allot of it and wanted to make an statement.
    She shouldn’t have flipped the Judge off, but obviously her anger and frustration got to her. It didn’t sound like she was being properly represented by a public defender either watching the full version.
    Hopeful some lawyer will check into this and give her proper representation. I’m sure one probably will and will have a field day with the Judges over reaction.
    Maybe I am wrong here, but that’s my observation.

    • Fly

      You can even here the audience gasp when the Judge raises it to 10000 in disbeleif.

    • Peyton Barclay

      Yep, I think you are wrong here…

      It’s pretty universally understood that you give a judge and the court the utmost in respect. Disrespect IS NOT TOLERATED! That’s why they have a “Contempt of Court” charge. This young lady was obviously showing her contempt, and the judge called her on it…twice.

      The girl’s income is irrelevant. The attitude and remorse shown by the accused/convicted definitely comes into play when determining bail and sentencing.

      The girl needed a good, hard dose of reality to slap her in the face. I’m glad the judge gave it to her.


    I LOVE IT!!! That arrogant chick needs to be taught a lesson. Off to jail you go!! 😉

  • Libertarian

    This is crap. It’s directly opposite of the 1st Amendment. Money grabbing fascist statists at their best.

    • jON

      OMG THE CORPORATIONS! haha you stupid hippy get real

  • Masitomarc

    Quite simply…the judge MUST establish a point by which order and respect must be followed, otherwise his court becomes chaos just like the street from which the defendants came.
    Kudos to the judge for adhearing to the promise in which his profession demands…to be the final say referee for our laws and continue respect and order.
    This person would have been in the brig longer than 30 days had this happened in the armed forces…it’s about respect!

    • Moonbeam1776

      Civil Law and the UCMJ are like comparing apples to oranges. They are both fruits but otherwise not the same.

      In the military, one can be charged and tried twice for the same offense, but it is not double-jeopardy. This is because a military member is subject not just to civil law, but to military law.

      The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) is the backbone of military law.

      For example, under the UCMJ, it is a chargeable offense to be disrespectful to higher authority.

      Article 89—Disrespect toward a superior commissioned officer:
      “Any person subject to this chapter who behaves with disrespect toward his superior commissioned officer shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.”

      Article 91—Insubordinate conduct toward warrant officer, NCO, or PO:
      “Any warrant officer or enlisted member who—

      (1) strikes or assaults a warrant officer, non-commissioned officer, or petty officer, while that officer is in the execution of his office;

      (2) willfully disobeys the lawful order of a warrant officer, noncommissioned officer, or petty officer; or

      (3) treats with contempt or is disrespectful in language or deportment toward a warrant officer, noncommissioned officer, or petty officer while that officer is in the execution of his office; shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.”

      As you can see, under military law, disrespectful behavior is a chargeable offense.

      In civil law, there is no such thing as “Disrespectful” behavior, nor are there any remedies in law. ‘Disrespectful’ behavior is completely subject to one’s perspective.

      Accordingly, as long as one’s behavior does not endanger others safety and well being, then it is protected under the 1st Amendment.