Ted Cruz 'Birther' Issue Draws Comparison To Obama


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As the talk about the 2016 presidential race begins to get louder (despite it being literally years away) the name Ted Cruz has gained more and more significance to the average person. Cruz, who is a Republican senator from Texas, is thought to be gearing up for a run at the White House.

However, Cruz could encounter major issues on his journey to earn the nomination, issues that are similar to those faced by current president Barack Obama.

The validity of President Obama's birth certificate as been a point of contention since before he was elected the first time, and many still call for his removal based on their own findings about his citizenship status. Cruz, who was born Rafael Edward Cruz, may find himself answering many of the same questions and accusations.

Cruz was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 1970, the son of a Cuban father and an American mother. Those in the pro-Cruz camp claim that his mother's citizenship is enough to qualify him for the highest office in the land, but those opposed take issue with the less-than-strong claim.

Cruz will also have to deal with the fact that his father fought alongside Cuban revolutionary and eventual long-term leader Fidel Castro and his communist forces during that country's revolution. Even though the elder Cruz fled the country before Castro came to power, a direct tie to one of the most famous communist leaders in history may prove to be a red flag for many.

Whatever ends up being the case, Cruz will likely face stiff opposition from other possible hopefuls, such as Rand Paul from Kentucky and New Jersey's Chris Christie. Cruz says he plans to renounce his Canadian citizenship, which could be the first step to addressing the question of whether or not he qualifies to be president.