Tebow Being Traded Because Of His Fans?

    March 21, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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At yesterday’s press conference where it was officially announced that Peyton Manning will be starting the Denver Broncos this coming season, John Elway said that if he could hand-pick anyone to marry his daughter, it would be Tim Tebow. Manning showered the young quarterback with compliments, saying he was “a fan”. The two also raved that Tebow is a great player, but rumors have been churning lately that he will be traded now that Manning–a four-time MVP and the NFL’s most coveted free agent–has been signed to the team…and Elway did nothing to dispel those rumors, saying that Denver would “not be a super bowl team” with Tebow at the helm, despite the fact that Tebow helped lead Denver to the playoffs last season.

Although Manning displayed a great workout for Denver (and the other teams he was considering) and passed his physicals, he was out all of last season due to a string of neck injuries, which has some Denver fans concerned for the near future. But when asked what the Broncos’ plan B is should a trade commence and Manning gets hurt, Elway seemed incredulous. “We don’t have a plan B. We’re going with plan A,” he said.

Even though Manning is a pretty shiny prize for the Broncos and has been highly sought-after since his release from the Indianapolis Colts, some are wondering just why Denver would take such a risk with an up-and-coming player like Tebow. A recent article on Yahoo! Sports ponders whether or not the real reason there are talks of trading Tebow is that his fans have turned the game into a “circus”.

Tebow, well-known for his Christian values and considerable charity work, has attracted a following of loyal fans, and the phenomenon has been called “Tebowmania”. There’s been talk that all the attention he gets off the field interferes with the game, and speculation is that it could be the reason Denver is so quick to give up the young QB.

“At this point Tebow is a prisoner to his own off-the-field popularity, a rather tough reality considering he didn’t really try to create it in the first place,” writes Dan Wetzel. “No, Tebow hasn’t shied away from attention or outreach or providing a running testimony for his faith. However, he also has turned down a million chances to feed the fire.”

Whether this has anything to do with Denver’s decision–which hasn’t been announced yet–remains to be seen, but it will be interesting to watch how it plays out.

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  • http://www.digitalkeydesign.com Albuquerque DKD

    It will be a sad day if Tebow is traded! He was the best thing for Denver and who knows how Peyton is healing.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/chris-richardson Chris Richardson

      A quarterback who completes under 50 percent of his passes is the best thing for the Denver Broncos? Really? Or are you giving him entirely too much credit for those wins he had? Signs point to yes.

  • joe dennis

    I think Tebow and manning would have made a great duo since we dont know how manning is going to hold up, what is plan B is John Elway going to come out of retirement and back up manning if he goes down? this whole thing is an egotistical joke why dont you come off your high horse Elway, problem is its a little late for that You done lost the franchise QB you guys have been searching for for years cant stand it John cause Tebow has already showed You up on a comparison where You were at at the same time in your career? hurts Your big ego huh? I have been a big Bronco fan for years but not sure I want to continue after Shanahan gets fired and now this bonehead ego act.