Teacher Fakes Illness for a Year, Claims She’s Dying to Avoid Work

    May 31, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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Many working adults know that playing hooky isn’t just reserved for kids, but the lies one Polk County, Florida teacher made up to skip out on work are just plain shocking.

According to school district officials Ashley Barker, a first-grade teacher at Laurel Elementary School, concocted a convincing story of illness in which she claimed she and her father were both dying.

As WFTV reports, the deception went on for an entire year. During that time, school officials simply took Barker at her word. They let her come and go as she pleased and made special accommodations for time off. The school district was unwilling to give an actual number on how much time Barker took off as a result of the fake illness.

After investigators caught wind of allegations that Barker’s story might not be true, she apparently told them that she had just been at home the whole time.

“Wow. That’s kind of scary. Because if she lies about that, she can lie about anything,” said one parent.

Scary is one word for it. Parents leave their most important things in the world, their children, with educators. This sort of betrayal of confidence is sure to leave its mark. Barker has been terminated but is apparently fighting it.

What an odd story.

  • Vanessa

    Such a shame. To lazy to work for a living so she decides to sit on her butt at home & laugh at the school for believing her. Her day is coming. To fake being ill is just sick because their are people in worse shape & still go to work. I read a story on a woman who has had her feet & hands amputated and is a principle at a school… still working!! That takes dedication and willpower!

  • Obi-1

    Lazy b!*#$h!

  • Twisty

    Ya know.. there is just something wrong with the world today.

    • http://yahoo Ben Clayton

      All the teacher’s out of work and this bitch has to fake an illness.

  • sue

    I work at a school and have cancer. I never took off except for appointments and never stayed home I literally had to drag my butt out of bed to get to work. Why because I’m decidicated to my job and the children I care for and also why stay home and dwell and get depressed because I DO HAVE A TERMINAL ILLNESS. I was diagnosed with breast cancer 5 years ago and under multiple surgeries, chemo and radiation. Other than that I worked even when I was sick and wanted to be in bed. two years ago I found out it spread to my bones.Pelvis, spine arm femue ribs etc… It is now treatable but not curable. I take chemo oral medication drugs and some for Pain and all I still went to work. I did my chemo treatments and back to work I went. I wo0uld talk to many epople and they would ASSUME I took off work and would ask when are you going back to work or are you back to work yet. I would look at them like I never left. I work every day I tell them even after chemo treatments. We teach out children to be responsible and not to lie but yet a techer lies. She SHOULD be FIRED yES you Lier. You are not credible and should NOT teach our children. Signed by a parent and school worker who DOES have a teminal illnes..

    • http://deleted sue

      Also I sure hope no one did a fund raiser for her to help with medical. Poeple just get me ong when they have to LIE about being sick to take off from work or scam people for money. I’m glad they found out she lied and too bad they didn’t find out earlier. Oke I said she should NOT be teaching. She is a bad excample for a to be in a clasroom with children…. what is she teaching them. To lie to get what you want? Or does she scold them for lieing????

      • Tammy

        THAT’S because YOU have integrity Sweetie. This woman DEFINITELY doesn’t know the meaning of the word. Praying for you. Stay strong. WE DESPERATELY need teachers such as you to lead our children. Thank You and God Bless You…

    • Jane

      I am in a similar situation to Sue. I have been battling metastatic breast cancer for the last few years. I have continued to work as a nurse and know that my dedication to my work has helped me to continue to survive! As a single parent I had no choice other than to keep working, whether I wanted to or not – I hope that this teacher never has to endure what I (and so many others) have been through – what a terrible example to our children! Nevermind that she lost her job – her teaching certificate should be totally revoked!!! What a selfish monster!!!!

  • michelle

    This is ridiculous. She has the nerve to hire an attorney because she was terminated? really? when she admits that she lied? I hope the judge makes her pay back every dime they had to pay for a substitue teacher while they were still paying her.

  • Rubyredjewel

    Am I the only one wondering how you call in terminally ill for an entire year and don’t have to summit medical proof through doctor’s notes and results that you are indeed ill? Especially with so many stories coming out about others pulling the same scam.

  • Tammy

    I guess shes never heard the term SPEAKING IT INTO BEING. I wouldnt say I have a cold if it werent true. Things have a way of coming back and biting you in the butt. I Pray for her that this isnt the case. Like WHO would believe her…SMH!!!