Taraji Henson: Shocking ‘Person of Interest’ Episode

    November 20, 2013
    Jennifer Curra
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Warning: Spoiler Alert for fans of the hit television show, Person of Interest, unless already up-to-date on episodes.

Taraji P. Henson has brought a raw depth to her superhero of a cop character, Joss Carter, on the CBS drama, Person of Interest. Fans have followed the character for two and a half seasons; however, unfortunately this is about to change. It is with heavy hearts that fans watched the most recent show where Carter died in action performing her job as well as being self-sacrificing in the process.

When questioned by Entertainment Weekly about the process for filming the last scene, Taraji Henson responded candidly. “The mood on set was bittersweet, even with the crew. We laugh and we joke, but at the end of the laughs, it was a sigh. I was trying to keep the spirits up, so all night I was cracking jokes and not hugging and getting too emotional with everyone,” Henson said.

Henson was not completely shocked to hear of her character’s demise, and explained the expectations she had when initially signing on for the role. “I always knew that we would have a beginning, a middle and an end. You don’t tell the audience “Hey, she’s not gonna last!” because that’s the whole surprise element, but that’s what’s so innovative about the show and that’s why I joined. We always knew we would do two, maybe three seasons,” she said.

Fans have been noticeably upset at the loss for the show, and have taken time to share their views on Twitter.

Henson explained her personal obligations for exiting the show when interviewed by TV Guide. “I like to leave people wanting more. I don’t like to be settled. I don’t think I’m at a place in my life where I can be on a television show for seven years. Movies are still calling me. At my age, that’s a lot because once that movie phone stops ringing, that’s it,” Henson said.

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  • donald w rogers

    POI was good about leading its viewers to expect the reformed HR henchman to get the axe. Killing off the true Galahad in Joss Carter was a shocker. I say Elias NEEDS to pay the price as he stood by knowing that the righteous were going to suffer a sacrifice due to his complacence. Both HR and the crime fighters are weakened by his gambit. Retaliation against Elias is forefront in my scenario of how this drama should proceed, even if it is a John Reese personal vendetta. Samantha Shaw is merely a remorseless killing machine–she has more in common with Root than the righteous. I liked Shahi’s presence in ‘Life’ so much more than I have seen in POI. Perhaps a new leading lady or even Zoe will emerge as a more salient character to fill the loss of Joss Carter.

  • MHP1

    Damn I seriously need to catch up on this show! I keep hearing from everyone that this show is really good. It is also helpful that Taraji is drop dead gorgeous. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymEMXcvx39A

  • http://yahoo Lori

    i was completely shocked! i thought Fusco was gonna be killed off. never woulda thunk the main chick would get axed! i really admire Taraji P Henson she is a great actor and i will definitely miss her dynamic character. i hope to see her soon in another awesome show or movie like POI! this is one of the few shows i watch because it is relatively clean. i don’t know if the show will still be as good now that she’s gone.

    • Richard

      Totally shocked, jumped up in the middle of the living room screaming WTF!! Taraji (Carter) was my favorite cop, she held everything together, the Joan D’ Arc of POI. Her demise will change everything. Not so sure that is a good thing, will watch for a little while and find out. Fusco will have to step up even more. Will miss Carter alot, Taraji is a beautiful, great actress and hope to see her on another show soon.

  • sexy n la

    If Taraji isn’t on the show anymore, I’m not watching the show anymore..

    • DeLo

      Wait and see what happens first before writing it off!!!

  • jackson Matthews

    i don’t think this end for carter was right at all. i think the writers blew it big time! they spoke of wanting reality – we get enough of that on the evening news. we needed reese and carter to be our heroes thru the madness. too bad the writers didn’t get that aspect in their quest for emmy awards. i hope they will allow reese to get those that killed his lady love and then allow him to die as well. leave the show to fusco and the two new women. let finch start fresh with a new set of characters. this show is done for those of us that have watched from ep1 season1.

  • ann

    SHOCKED! One last kiss. I thought that kiss would have been the beginning of a great romance….that sucked. I did not understand that other female character’s presence, now I know.

    I will miss you Tajjai.

  • Em

    YEP…that’s it–all she wrote–i am done watching POI! …Sweet Sorrow: “Carter” didn’t have much depth, in my opinion. However, she was portrayed about as close to a woman in law enforcement would be…they don’t get chummy with ‘the guys,’ and in real life–the guys prefer it that way. Generally, the guys on the force, rarely consider female officers a viable member of their teams. From my 9 years experience while employed by LAPD females, especially those working patrol assignments, didn’t get much cred or respect. “Carter” was, in my opinion, not only a ‘follower’ but she ‘rarely’ had an original thought of her own; hung on Reese’s every word; followed Reese’s lead in conversation; and mostly did what Reese asked her to do until the HR scenario was introduced. (now that i think about it; i’m not surprised–that’s the culture of both Hollywood and a woman’s life in law enforcement. The character of “Carter” ‘felt’ contrived–kinda just stuck in the script so they’d have a more diverse cast. Although I’m surprised at how “Carter” was written out of POI, it’s a blessing. Taraji can now work successfully in film roles with more substance, and depth of character which genuinely showcase her natural talent and gorgeously attractive persona (as displayed in her roles in Tyler Perry films). Godspeed to you, Taraji! Knowing for you: All the Best in ALL your endeavors! We’ll ALL be watchin’ for Ya!

  • Linda

    I really only started watching this show because of Taraji. I continued to watch the show not only for the action and what I thought was intellectual writing, but mainly because it was nice seeing a young, and beautiful black woman lead character that had morals, intelligence, and respect for herself; someone who is actually a bona fide good person. I should have known it was too good to last. It was a pleasant change from shows like Scandal and The Game, but you’ve messed up the dynamics for me so I guess I’m stuck with NeNe Leakes and the absurdity of VH1.

    • http://aol.com Joe Broz

      I think the plot and the characters were perfect. This is almost science fiction, but it is so well-written that the hour goes by really fast. Like everyone else, I was shocked that Carter was killed but I will still keep watching. Caveziel is magnetic.

    • http://aol.com Joe Broz

      Taraji also played “Mom” in “the Curious Case of Benjamin Button.”

  • http://aol.com Joe Broz

    Wow! Carter is dead? This isn’t some trick, like Jo Nesbo’s Harry Hole, who keeps coming back to life? Jeez! She was the perfect counterpart to Reese and Finch. After that kiss I thought, “Oh good, now we’ll have some romance in here,” and Joss and John would keep fighting crime together. I thought Taraji Henson was terrific; it will be very hard to replace her on what has become my favorite show. So long, Carter. Best wishes!

  • debra waters

    That is the end of my watching that show. Chemistry btween characters is what make a GOOD show. That is now gone. Although I knw something was up when the BEAT cop role came into play. Bad Idea. GOOD BYe.

  • Gail

    From day one to the last episode of Carter being killed, this has been the show that I made sure to tune in to. What a powerful show it was, from leading the viewers to believe that Fusco would be killed, (which I was already sad) to this shocker. Very hurt that Carter was killed off,love the show, and what an awesome episode it were as Taraji Henson moves on with her life. Looking forward to the next two and a half years of Person of Interest.

  • http://Webpronews Bert Enernie

    I never do this, but I have to I guess. Why? Because other than football I watch ONE TV show…ONE because Hollywood has little or no idea what middle America wants to watch. I loved CSI but it has run its course.
    THIS show is the only one I ever had my PC record to burn DVD’s and watch as a family. We all got hooked thanks to my insistence they watch it. The characters were great, the premise was great, and even adding a soso female character to help them, we overlooked. BUT, my wife and I concurred, if they kill Fusco, we are done. And now that I read (haven’t DVD’ed it yet) that Carter (who may just be our favorite character) is being killed off, it’s a definite BYE BYE P-O-I. I may throw the library of DVD’s away to boot. Once society finishes destroying football…COME GET YOUR FREE TV! They will be out by the curb!
    Ever since the term “jump the shark” came on the scene it’s pretty easy to see it in every series. CSI definitely when Danson showed up, if not before when Grissom or Warrick left. Maybe there is one group of people in hollywood that create great drama such as POI and then they hand it off to the mental midgets of hollywood to screw it up…I don’t know.

    BYE BYE P-O-I as you rest in pieces!

  • Carolyn

    I was COMPLETELY surprised by Carter’s death. That is the sign of a great show.

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  • There Was A Time…

    Well, one less Black woman on t.v. after 9pm. There is always….wait, there are no others on a drama series! Hmph!

  • rm

    John….Carter….Reese…these three were the show!!! Kill off the male cop..expected..get rid of all the other ladies that have joined the show…..NOT CARTER!!! I do not know if I will watch this show. A female bringing down DIRTY COPS….and, CBS You KILL THE FEMALE OFF THE SHOW….BAD….BAD…BAD…BAD….VERY BAD STEP!!!

  • Fay

    POI I think I’m done, I will watch next week and just see if (Carter-Taraji) is really off the show if so I so done watching…..Carter you will be missed..

  • Denise Hill

    I really enjoy watching this show, great choice of actors and actresses. I just was shocked and upset that they killed off
    Detective Carter. I had a feeling that someone was going to
    jump out and shoot them by the way the scene was going. I
    just hope your ratings will not go down because of the
    killing off of Detective Carter. I will still be watching
    the show and I will be watching the ratings.

  • DeLo

    To all who watch Person of Interest, don’t forget what the show is all about, it is showing you what the government can and is doing, doesn’t matter who is killed off, although I will miss the character of Det. Carter, and she could and did think for herself, she didn’t have to wait for Reese, and I love the real person who plays Reese…Jim C and by the way, Taraji Henson is filming Think Like a Man II, so she had to leave in order to film. However, they could have had her to get shot and maybe go into a coma until she finishes filming Think Like a Man, but maybe by that time the show would have fun it’s course….Stay tuned!!

  • jwyoming

    Great show…great surprise ending…Loved it all the way…

  • MsLolo

    WOW, I really HATE to see Carter leave. OK now here’s what the writers can do either she had on a vest that the FBI required her to do after dropping off head of HR. If that’s not the case than cast Regina King as Det. Carter best friend from her childhood and they both serviced in the military but their careers have taken them in different directions and they haven’t kept in touch. Regina works for the government DEA and ATF and now hearing about her closest friend being gun down she will stop at nothing to bring Carter murder to justice to her friend and Godson.

  • AJ

    It was devastating. Especially because I had been telling everyone they were in love, and was finally vindicated, just to see it end a half an hour or so later. Can’t imagine the show without Carter; but all of the actors and characters are so good, we have to keep watching and see how it develops from here. Jim Caveziel is one of the best actors ever, can’t pass up watching anything he’s in; particularly when it’s so well written and always interesting.

  • Robert Zuckschwerdt

    I love this Sci-Fi thriller, better than CSI by far!

  • Robert Zuckschwerdt

    Best thriller ever!

  • Mindy

    When a show does that, it’s just off putting. We watch because we want entertainment from the stresses of our daily lives, and although it sounds like a cliche, we want the good guys/ ladies to win every time in the end, not get killed off!
    Maybe they were trying to do a Downton abbey kill of the good guy shocker. I am disappointed and I don’t buy any of their excuses. They could have developed her character more. It just shows that the writers have limited imagination. I , for one, am really pissed off, and I don’t watch TV shows to get pissed off. So I will not be watching this show anymore.

  • Interest Gone

    Carter is gone and so am I. The writers “fridged” her and treated her very badly, with regard to her being jettisoned like rubbish. I hope the show is cancelled.