Tara Reid Is Not Drunken Mess, She Swears

    September 13, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Tara Reid took to Twitter on Tuesday to defend herself against the allegations TMZ has made about her; namely, that she was a hot drunken mess in St. Tropez on Sunday.

Reid, who has famously had a drinking problem and entered rehab in 2009 for her troubles, says she was “set up” by the photographers who were gathered around her and her friend when they tried to climb onto a motorbike and subsequently fell off, with Tara flashing her business to every camera in attendance. She says they were pushed off the bike, in a deliberate attempt to be made fools of.

TMZ claims they had nothing to do with the photos, but a rep for the company responsible said, “We weren’t close enough to touch her, unfortunately. We were careful to stand back because Tara on a moped sounded like a bad idea even before she and her friend fell!”

Reid has been a favorite of TMZ and other gossip sites for several years because of her penchant for red-carpet antics and because she tends to say whatever is on her mind, but this time, she says, alcohol wasn’t a factor.

  • John Thomas Killion

    She sure has bad grammar and spelling.

  • Jonathan

    Kinda’ hard to take her seriously when she can’t even spell…They pushed her down, so where are the assault charges???

  • roadrock

    She can get drunk with me anytime.

  • Tom

    Hey – flame away, but I love hot slutty chicks like Tara. She really looks better the drunker she gets!

  • Dave

    TMZ, Tara Reid. Hmmm, hard to use the word creditability and either of them in the same sentence.

    • CT

      That’s ok since “creditability” isn’t a word.

    • CT

      And I was going to flame Tara for atrocious spelling.

  • http://att Dee

    Tara Tara We all saw you and you were not set up . Own up to you were DRUNK.