Tamra Barney: Will Eddie Leave Over Plastic Surgery?

    August 23, 2014
    Lacy Langley
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Tamra Barney seems to have an obsession with plastic surgery.

The Real Housewives of Orange County star has had lots of work done, including many indulgences in Botox.

However, her husband seems to be fed up with it all.

Eddie Judge likes a natural look, according to a source close to Tamra Barney‘s husband.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous that Tamra has had so much Botox and cosmetic fillers work done to her face. She looks like a former shell of the beautiful lady that she used to be. Eddie just can’t understand her need to constantly go to the plastic surgeon.”

The source continued, “And it’s become a major issue between them. Tamra does receive a discount on the procedures, but it’s still very expensive. More importantly, Eddie prefers the natural look, and just wishes Tamra would stop. Yet, she refuses.”

Apparently, Eddie Judge is so fed up with Tamra Barney’s antics that he refused to make an appearance on the highly publicized reunion show.

“Eddie was invited to go to the reunion, but refused,” a source revealed. “And Tamra was extremely upset about it.”

“For Eddie, however, there was nothing to gain by going and it would have been a waste of his time.”

The source said of Tamra Barney, “All of the over-the-top drama, including from his own wife, was just wearing on his nerves.”

Even extra money couldn’t entice Eddie Judge to join his wife on the show. That’s surprising.

“Bravo even offered to pay Eddie extra money to go, but that still couldn’t entice him. There are no contractual obligations for him to be a part of the reunion,” the source said.

So, can their marriage be saved? Will Tamra Barney have to finally give up the Botox and grow old with her husband naturally? I guess we shall see…

  • Leroy Smith

    I feel like Eddie Judge knew that Tamara and her circle of friends indulged in plastic surgery before he married her. I however agree that she overdid the botox and whatever else she did. They are a team however, and if she is addicted to it, like many women are, perhaps he should get her some help. Her antics maybe the reason why he did not go go to the show. She has certainly been a source of embarrassment this season. I think that is why he is piss off.

  • Jenna

    Who is the idiot narrating the first video? He refers to her as Tame-Ra and uses the word “choosed” which is not a word. Moron.

  • doogal

    I always felt that Eddie was the kind of guy who wouldn’t stay around if things got too routine in the marriage or if things did not go the way he wanted them to all the time, and in life that just is not possible. I always felt that Tamra would have done better if she had just taken the time to heal from her divorce and learn to love herself by herself instead of jumping back in so soon.

    • amyfarquharson

      Tamra is a needy backstabbing bitch and she hit the jackpot with Eddie. She will never have a better guy!

  • Coco

    First place why Eddie even married this empty shell is behind me.Her son looks older then her husband and she plays teenager by look—pathetic….Eddie is such a sweet simple man he deserved a normal life and a normal wife….You remember the plot with the plastic baby????Craaaaaazy –she is 50 yrs.old with children in 3o thies…..

  • Anna

    I noticed this season in particular the Eddie was in the show but made very communication. I totally understand, he’s trying to run a legitimate business and his wife is acting like a crazed person. No so good on a business.

  • Anna

    Very little communication

  • Victoria

    I think Eddie should open his eyes. Tamara has nerve blasting Lizzie for the game night deal but didn’t blast Eddie when he said he would marry Lizzie. She is so insecure. If you notice in some of the episodes Eddie stares at Lizzie. But Tamara doesn’t confront him because she knows he can do better and younger than her.

  • Lee Gomez

    just a matter of time

  • Jules

    I think Eddie probably didn’t want to go because Tamra is just a bee yotch… and it probably has less to do with the plastic surgery. I wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t want to have to sit next to all that ugliness and know he was married to it.

  • LTK

    Tamara needs the work to the face because she is much older than Eddie and wants to look youthful in his eyes. Eddie on the other hand is sick of the way she is looking and for that matter how she is acting this season on the show. She gets a big discount on her botox because of Terry. Eddie has all kinds of issues with her and her past life style to say the least. If this marriage fails she will have three failed marriage’s under her belt and that doesn’t say much about who she is. She is coming to the end of her time on the show, with no storyline and the massive trouble she caused Shannon and Lizzie. Lizzie is everything she is not, young, pretty and can have more babies!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jacqueline

    I think the OC gals have finally found out who the real Tamra is. I have never liked her and found her to be a back-stabbing b***h. She lies to all of them, turns around apologizes and lies to them some more!!! I hope Karma has finally reared it’s ugly head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • karen

    Her eyes are so squinted she can hardly see. She will never look good with her
    filthy mouth, constant trouble making and trying to lie out of everything. She is downright mean, vile and ugly with that personality. (Who brings little penis bottle openers to a lovely dinner besides vile Tamra? If she comes back I won’t ever watch again.

  • karen

    It would seem like she would save some of that money for her children’s education!

  • NoMoNeNe

    This whole article is nothing but a bunch of baloney-quotes from a “source” who’s “close to Eddie”. Wow. I believe it all. Not. We already knew Eddie didn’t attend the Reunion. The rest is just BS. Good luck to your kids.

  • jay cee

    wow, she looks like the a white Rupaul

    • redbird99

      Hee Hee. Stop! That’s wrong. LoL!

  • sarah

    I don’t think Tamra’s appearance is the problem. She’s vulgar; has a foul mouth and an I.Q. down south. They started off their relationship with hot sex and now that they’re married, and back to every-day married life, her pea brain can only contribute gossip. Does Eddie’s family watch the show and realize what he’s stuck with?

  • DungenessSam

    These morons deserve every bad thing that happens to them.

  • mave

    Yeah, Eddie! Finally, someone with some sense and conviction. The next thing that should wear on him is her vapid, shallow, self absorbed, catty, down right nasty personality. Tamra is a mean girl.

  • BJ777

    It is sad seeing Tamra self-destruct this way. She not only is acting desperate and devious, but she is now looking as plastic and unreal as Heather. Are they both getting their faces frozen by Terry?

  • Cat Summers

    Now that Bravo fired the witch (thank heavens), he will toss her aside like an old worn out shirt. The money will no longer be there and he liked that……….She is starting to look like that Cat Woman, who lives in NY……

  • Terrie

    WHO CARES!!!!!!!!

  • Louann Smith

    Makes no sense, Eddie was attracted to Tamra because of the way she looked now wants he wants to put his foot down over the tweaks she has had done! This doesn’t make sense, either he likes her looks and what he took to make her that way or he doesn’t!

  • catbme

    I though that was Joan Rivers sittin there with Andy, daaaaang Tamra, you’re lookin like a pulled cat!

  • Catherine Michaels

    Tamra way overdid the botox! She looks exactly like her mother, lol! I think Eddie is an idiot anyway for marrying her. Getting a divorce would be the smartest move for him and to leave her behind!

  • abe

    Eddie lives off of Tamara’s BRAVO payments. He’ll stick around until a better sugar mommy shows up.

  • deeg deegers

    you can take tamra out of the trailer park…… but…….. you cant take the trailer park out of tamra

  • honus wagner

    It’s a shame but she was very pretty, her boobs too big but she was what he liked looking at and being in bed with. If she doesn’t wake up and pay attention to her “man” then she deserves to lose him. However, again, this isn’t real life, it’s made for Bravo TV and the sponsors so I’m sure once the camera’s go away and they are no longer on TV no one will know or care. They were nothings before and now when the dust clears, still nothings but got some easy $$$out of it, now GO AWAY

  • Michael

    If he were smart he would RUN now and get out! she has turned into a nightmare.

  • lsw

    Tamra looks horrible. Her face looks like its going to crack. She is loosing it, looks, moral fiber and sadly her own children. Her marriage to Eddie doesn’t look too good either. Its sad to watch someone unspiral like this.