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Westboro Baptist Picks Fight with Facebook and “Jewish Friend” Zuckerberg

Westboro Baptist Church publishes a schedule for where they intend to picket daily. This tactic is in keeping with the group’s overall strategy of stirring up discord by saying they will appear somewhere, even if they have no realistic plans …

Zuckerberg Has Trouble at the ATM Zuckerberg Has Trouble at the ATM

With Zuckerberg’s billions, you would think he would know how to use an ATM. This video from Italian TM News shows Zuckerberg going up to the ATM, which doesn’t work for him. He then asks people around him if they …

Facebook and IPO Underwriters Sued by Investors Facebook and IPO Underwriters Sued by Investors
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If you thought Facebook was in the news a lot for their patent lawsuits, welcome to IPO litigation. Interested parties are crawling out of the woodwork to contest the bullshit events that surround Facebook’s IPO and everyone involved. As we …

Instagram Worth $1.2 Billion After Facebook IPO Instagram Worth $1.2 Billion After Facebook IPO

It’s common industry knowledge that Facebook recently acquired photo sharing platfrom Instagram for a quick billion, and it’s common general knowledge that Facebook today filed its IPO. Now it’s been reported that said IPO has added about $243 million in …

Mark Zuckerberg: How Much is He Really Worth? Mark Zuckerberg: How Much is He Really Worth?

This is the latest news on the real worth of Mark Zuckerberg when taking into account the real money raised by Facebook’s IPO and Zuckerberg’s stake in the company. If you consider the $16 billion raised in the initial IPO, …

Viddy Growing by 1 Million Users a Day Viddy Growing by 1 Million Users a Day

Last week we reported that Viddy is currently undergoing a round of fundraising that puts valuation of $370 million on the company. A report today from the Wall Street Journal via Mashable puts a value of the company a $200 …

Facebook Study In Sweden Shows Social Giant Grasp Facebook Study In Sweden Shows Social Giant Grasp
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We already know that Facebook is the fastest-growing thing on the Internet, ever. It claims 10% of the world’s population as its members. Now, a new study out of Sweden fills in some more detail about how Zuckerberg’s baby is …

Will Music Marketing Be Hurt By Facebook Messaging?

 Yesterday, Facebook announced their own "modern messaging system" that combines email, text messaging, and instant messages into a single stream that founder Mark Zuckerberg says goes well "beyond email".  The new service, which will debut Monday with an iPhone app and roll out over the next few months, mimics the behavior of teens who are already abandoning conventional email to converse across multiple platforms in s

Dissecting Zuckerberg’s Privacy Comments

For many in the online space these days the words “Facebook privacy” would be called an oxymoron. Then of course there would be the usual calling others at Facebook morons and then it would get worse from there but I digress. Michael Arrington recently interviewed the poster child for the “Privacy? What privacy?” movement, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook Expanding Staff By Around 50%

While we continue to slog our way through the economy (is it getting better, staying the same or worse?) there are a few companies that are defying the general downward trends. Apple’s iPhone has let them weather the storm quite nicely. Apparently, Facebook is doing quite fine as well.

The Conclusion of Facebook’s Voting Process

Based on a post for the General Counsel for facebook-logoFacebook, Ted Ullyot, the results for the Facebook vote are in and the new rules / terms of service are in. Or are they?

GM CEO Takes Message To YouTube
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Let’s annoy you by understating it and call these “uncertain” economic times. While it’s unclear what a tumultuous economy means for online business—after all, there was no Internet in the Great Depression—old standby General Motors saw its stock drop the lowest it’s been in half a century.