VMware’s Acquisition Of Zimbra Made Official

VMware’s Acquisition Of Zimbra Made Official

By Doug Caverly January 12, 2010 | 1 Comment

The rumors about Yahoo selling Zimbra have finally become fact.  Today, VMware announced that it’s acquired the open source email and collaboration specialist, and although the financial details weren’t disclosed, corporate representatives on all sides of the transaction seem pleased.

Yahoo And Zimbra, Still An Odd Deal

The $350 million cash price tag Yahoo will pay for email software firm Zimbra makes the mind reel. Especially since Yahoo just got finished with a major update for its Mail product.

Zimbra Acquired by Yahoo

Yahoo just acquired Zimbra for 350 million bucks, TechCrunch reports and Yahoo confirms. In Zimbra’s own, slightly cryptic words…

Yahoo Purchases Zimbra For $350 Million

Zimbra’s “About Us” page is pretty nice – there are concise statements regarding what the company does, who it works with, and how to contact it.  The page may need an overhaul, however, as it also offers an option to “View Google Map,” and word has it that Zimbra was just acquired by Yahoo.

Comcast Taps Zimbra, Plaxo For SmartZone

Comcast.net’s online communications center called SmartZone will have applications provided by a number of companies for email, voicemail, and instant messaging.

Zimbra Poses Threat to Microsoft

Zimbra, a low-cost email program, might be more competition to Microsoft Exchange than the company had anticipated.

Ajax Applications Can Be Secure

Using the dynamic features of Ajax coding for a web-based application can also be a secure experience for users.

AJAX Enthusiasts Unite

Proponents of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML-style development have formed a group to advance their goals. The OpenAJAX Alliance attracted some influential individuals and corporations, including IBM and Zimbra.

Compiere ERP Selected For Software 2006

The highly selective Sand Hill Group has chosen Compiere as one of the twenty featured companies at its Software 2006 conference.

IBM, Google, Team On Open Ajax

The old line and the new guard in technology joined a group focused on delivering an open source project based at promoting the adoption of web development using Asynchronous JavaScript and XML technology.