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Rachel Weisz to Play Real-Life Mercenary in Thriller Film ‘Snatchback’

Rachel Weisz has signed on to star as a real-life mercenary who helps families find their kidnapped children in an upcoming thriller called Snatchback, set to shoot later in 2015. In addition to starring as Maureen Dabbagh, whose husband kidnapped her daughter back in 1992, Rachel Weisz will also produce the film, alongside Frida Torresblanco of Pan’s Labyrinth fame. Pete …

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Antiaging Creams: Read This Before You Waste Any More Money

You may (or may not) be surprised by how many women own anti-aging creams who haven’t even hit 30 yet. Their cabinets lined with little bottles and jars meant to protect them against that first wrinkle. For women already beyond the age of 40, the anti-aging creams are meant to erase proof that they are indeed getting older. Whether it’s …

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Scotty McCreery Starts Baseball Tour

The former American Idol, Scotty McCreery is giving back and is helping the programs that support youth baseball. McCreery played baseball all through high school and knows what an impact being a part of a sport can have on today’s youth. “I learned some of my greatest lessons playing sports and being a team member,” McCreery said. “Sports teach you …

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Teens Love Technology, Don’t Want Tech Jobs

I got my start in technology through video games. From there, I began to become increasingly involved with more forms of technology from computers to televisions and now my recent fascination with Android. Despite all of that love for technology, I gave up on my dreams of working in technology due to all the math that’s required. That’s why I …

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100 Year-old Woman Says Video Games Are Secret To Youth

Bridge? She won’t have it. Canasta? No thank you. Shuffleboard? Certainly not. Kathleen Connell A.K.A. Kit just turned 100 years old. . .er, young I should say, but she’s not letting that slow her down one measly bit. Kit is as sharp as a tack and she credits her mental acuity to video games. Kit is a regular player of …

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