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Nearly One-Fifth of Yelp Restaurant Reviews Are Phony, Shows Study

Earlier this month it was reported that business review website Yelp had sued an individual who won against the company in small claims court. Julian McMillian, a San Diego lawyer, had sued Yelp over an ad deal. Yelp is now asking for $25,000 from McMillian for allegedly teaming with other lawyers in a scheme to plant fake good reviews on …

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Will Yelp’s Lawsuits Curb Phony Reviews?

As phonebooks become a thing of the past, local and small businesses now rely more than ever on the internet to get the word out about their services. However, the social nature of today’s web makes it hard work for business owners to control how their business is perceived. A bad review can stick around forever, and the anonymous nature …

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Yelp & Foursquare; Restaurant Critic [Infographic]

If we have a bad experience when we’re out on the town and stop for a bite to eat, we want to tell somebody about it. Consumers love to complain about bad service or poor quality food. Social networking and user reviews cut right to the core, and give us a chance to praise outstanding restaurants as well as warn …

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