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Stacy Keibler Says Choosing a Baby Name Was Easy

Stacy Keibler recently revealed that picking a name for her baby was quick and simple: “We just talked about one name and that was it — easy peasy,” she said. Keibler and husband Jared Pobre are expecting a baby girl sometime next month. “Everything with us has been easy and effortless,” Keibler said. Keibler has nothing but praise for Pobre, …

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Yellowstone Earthquake: Caldera Remains Calm

The Norris Geyser Basin felt the seismic bass drop today – all 4.8 worth of it. No injuries were sustained in the midst of this natural phenomenon common to Yellowstone – even though it was the strongest quake to hit the park since the 80’s. Yet, raised eyebrows about these more intense quakes have had more to do with whether …

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Yellowstone Helium Leaks: What Do They Mean?

Yellowstone National Park releases a variety of gases every day. These gases range from carbon dioxide to methane and according to scientists, helium. Although helium is a gas that is commonly leaked from volcanic rocks, scientists have discovered that the helium they have found is millions of years old and is just now being released from rocks that are deep …

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Supervolcano Study Yields Unnerving News

What’s ashen, dark, and dead all over? Earth, potentially – if a supervolcano ever explodes! The truth is, if a supervolcano were to actually erupt, it could indeed be an extended winter for us – a volcanic winter, that is. Forget about frostbite and mittens; it might pretty much be curtains for civilization. That’s not really news, though. So, why …

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Yellowstone Area Grizzlies Attack, Four Injured

Four people suffered minor injuries Thursday, after two separate grizzly bear attacks in and around Yellowstone National Park. The first attack occurred after two hikers came across a grizzly cub near Canyon Village, which lies in the northern area of the park. The two used bear spray and played dead, both suggested tactics to employ during a grizzly attack. One …

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