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Yahoo Drops Analytics-Only Customers Yahoo Drops Analytics-Only Customers
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Yahoo announced some changes to Yahoo Web Analytics. Specifically, it is discontinuing services for analytics-only customers and the Yahoo Web Analytics Consultant Network. “In 2008, Yahoo! acquired IndexTools to offer web analytics and deep insights for small-and-medium business customers leveraging …

Do Not Track Supported By Yahoo Web Analytics Do Not Track Supported By Yahoo Web Analytics

Last week, Yahoo announced that it would be implementing a Do Not Track mechanism across its global network by early summertime. The company has also now made a special point of saying that Yahoo Web Analytics will support this as …

Yahoo Web Analytics Version 10.3.19 Gives Product A Facelift Yahoo Web Analytics Version 10.3.19 Gives Product A Facelift

Yahoo is giving Yahoo Web Analytics a refresh, and as a start, has launched version 10.3.19. “We want to make the YWA user experience better – we know that our customers love the product functionality but they would like to …

More Advertisers Invited To Use Yahoo Web Analytics
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It looks like another shot’s been fired in the Web analytics war.  Yahoo Web Analytics has been made available – for free – to search and display advertisers who work with account support teams and managers.

Yahoo Web Analytics Gets an Upgrade
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Yahoo has given the Yahoo Web Analytics interface a new look and some new features. These new demographics and interest group reports, as well as new segmentation, filters, a demographics and interest groups dashboard, the ability to create more scheduled reports, and custom fields with more actions.

New reports included in the new dashboard include:

Report: Yahoo Web Analytics Beats Google in Key Areas
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CMS Watch, which evaluates and reports on content-related technologies, has issued a report saying that Yahoo Web AnalyticsYahoo Web Analytics (formerly IndexTools) is better than Google Analytics in a number of key areas.

Yahoo Web Analytics Comes To Light
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It’s time for data hounds to start drooling.  Jerry Yang still isn’t ready to toss a Google Analytics competitor to every person who asks, but this afternoon, his company did announce that some people are being given access to the new Yahoo Web Analytics.