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Yahoo Publisher Network Shutting Down in a Month

Yahoo is closing the doors on the Yahoo Publisher Network. The Yahoo Publisher Network was launched in the summer of 2005, and never left beta status.

The YPN lets publishers display ads that are relevant to the content of their site, and earn money based on the clicks, much like Google’s AdSense program. The program will be shutting down at the end of April.

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Yahoo Publisher Network Posts Tips

It’s one thing to join an organization; it’s quite another to stick around.  And anybody wanting to become and remain a member of the Yahoo Publisher Network should probably pay attention to some guidelines posted on the program’s official blog.

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Affiliate Summit: Contextual Advertising Options

Pick something – a Web browser, toothpaste, whatever – that you’ve set against comparable products.  Maybe you gave those alternatives a fair chance, and came back to Product #1 in the end, anyway.  As Joel Comm weighed various contextual advertising options at Affiliate Summit 2007 East, it seemed like that same sort of circular journey was taking place, but you won’t hear me complain; it’s always nice to have extra choices.

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Yahoo Publisher Network Offers PayPal

Site publishers have wanted a faster payment method than waiting for snail mail to bring a check for their ad display earnings.

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YPN Stops Displaying Ads to International Visitors

Yahoo! is trying to get its act together with regard to click fraud. The first fall out of Yahoo!’s efforts is banning of foreign site visitors from YPN ads. Yahoo! is intent on restricting internal ad frauds by barring visitors from certain countries from viewing the ads.

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Changes At Yahoo Publishing Network

Options for adding content from Yahoo as well as contextual advertising for site publishers in its network recently became available to Yahoo Publisher Network users; and they are expanding the beta service to more publishers.

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