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Can Search Save Yahoo? Can Search Save Yahoo?
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To say that Yahoo has had its share of problems in the past few years is an understatement. The most recent news of the now former CEO Scott Thompson and his resume scandal has only added to the disorder surrounding …

Yahoo Talks New Panama Features
TheYahoo! Panama team has been working on new methods through which advertisers can fine-tune their ad campaigns. The details of these enhancements to their service are available at the YSM blog.

Recent Yahoo Panama Upgrades
Yahoo Panama is on the upgrade path with several new features to help advertisers streamline account management:

UK Yahoo Panama Migration Started w/ Full Launch In Q2
Account migration to Yahoos much anticipated Panama ad platform has already started in the UK. Yahoo are working with agencies & select advertisers as we speak to tighten up campaign structure to ensure the transition is smooth. The first ‘group’ of accounts will be fully migrated accross to the new platform over the next few weeks, before the initial launch.