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China Explosion: President Xi Vows “Decisive Action”

Chinese President Xi Jinping has vowed action against the terrorist strike yesterday. His visit to the region, focused on combating terrorism, coincided with the attack. China’s Xinjiang province was rocked by an explosion yesterday at a train station. Assailants attacked civilians with knives, then set off explosives. The coordinated nature of the attack left officials to believe it was motivated …

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Explosion At China’s Xinjiang Train Station Leaves Three Dead

A large explosion shook a railway station in Xinjiang located in the far-western region of China. Reports say that 79 people were injured and three were killed during the attack. The incident happened on Wednesday, just after President Xi Jinping visited the area. Based on CCTV records, assailants attacked a crowd with knives then set off the explosions at the …

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China Earthquake: A 6.9-Magnitude Shakes the Hotan Province

On Wednesday, a 6.9-magnitude earthquake struck one of China’s most abundant northwestern regions of natural resources. The Xinjiang region endured several tremors within a two-hour timespan. Twenty of them were recorded as a series of aftershocks. The earthquake mainly occurred in southeast Hotan, a county-level city known for its terrestrial mountains. A report by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) shows …

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Rioting In Western China Leaves 27 Dead

Rioting in western China’s Xinjiang province has left at least 27 dead at the hands of “knife-wielding mobs” according to Chinese authorities. The province, which is home to a significant Uyghur minority, and is among the poorest provinces in the country, has been seen numerous outbreaks of violence over the years, but this is the worst rioting since 2009. The …

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