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Xi Jinping Meets with US; Talk Economy & Security

When Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the President of the People’s Republic of China, came into office a little over one year ago, he faced several monumental challenges as the leader of the world’s largest and potentially most powerful country. The main issue plaguing Xi was China’s economy, which had …

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Malia Obama Wears Affordable Topshop Dress in China

Malia Obama posed for photos in Beijing, China on Friday wearing an affordable Topshop dress. The dress was a short-sleeve floral print mini. One source identified it as the “Crocus Crop Skater Dress” sold for around $138 by British fashion retailer Topshop. Malia paired the dress with black tights and flats. In the photo, she appears to be as tall …

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China to Shift Economy, Loosen One Child Policy

A reform document released by China’s Communist party, after a four day-long meeting of its top officials, includes a flood of sweeping changes to reportedly attempt to undo decades of failed expansion plans, according to Reuters. Among the reform plans are allowances that would accelerate capital account convertibility and scrap residency restrictions in small cities and townships. There are also …

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