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Xbox One And PS4 On Sale This November
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It’s almost Christmas time again and for gamers that means going to great lengths to get their hands on one of the new must-have, next-gen video game consoles. On Nov. 15, Sony will release the PS4 while Microsoft will release …

Skyrim Kinect Support Now Available, DLC Info On The Way
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UPDATE: Oh look – DLC alert! Hey Skyrim players: have you been working on your shouts? That Kinect support that Bethesda promised in early April has officially arrived. Now, when you yell at your TV, something might actually happen. The …

Skyrim Kinect Support Is On The Way

Are you sick of loading up the menu every time you want to save or load a game? Tired of clicking buttons to switch between weapons, slowing down your progression in immeasurable ways? Are you frustrated that yelling your favorite …

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 DLC Launches Today For XBLA

Previously only available to Call of Duty Elite members. The DLC titled: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection #1, is the largest single release of DLC in COD history. Collection #1 is available first on Xbox LIVE for …

Netflix, Hulu Users Streaming Video in Vastly Different Ways Netflix, Hulu Users Streaming Video in Vastly Different Ways
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There is a fundamental distinction between Netflix users and Hulu users, and it goes far beyond who has more allegiance to 30 Rock. Netflix and Hulu users differ greatly in both how they stream their content and what content they …

Phone Call About Xbox 360 Blogging Features

While I was at dinner tonight with the LiveSide guys Jason Bogovich called, his voice full of excitement.

Sony PS3, Microsoft Xbox360, Nintendo Revolution Available Release Dates

Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo all let a lot of information fly at the E3 with regard to their new gaming consoles. The specs of these systems are awesome. They’ve got WiFi and wireless and downloadable systems, massive multiplayer options inside the home or over the network. The visual capabilities will be stunning with the HD graphics capability hooked up to a new Samsung HDTV designed for the gaming experience.

Microsoft & Toshiba=HD-DVD Xbox360?

Software monster Microsoft and electronics giant Toshiba signed a patent cross licensing agreement. This will let the two companies use each other’s stuff without having to pay fees to the respective companies.

X-Box360: It Doesnt Get Any Better Than This

Australian Financial News quote Microsoft master Gates as saying the new Xbox will make gaming more convivial. It’s not a word you hear everyday. Honestly, I’m not familiar with it so I looked it up. Mirriam Webster said it means this:

Xbox360 AND HDTV: Dude I Gotta Have It!

Madden 2006 on the Xbox360 AND Samsung’s new HDTV is gonna look so cool. Samsung and Microsoft are tag-teaming on this one and the benefits for the geek set will be unbelievable.It’s going to be a hip offering and MTV will broadcast the event. New games will be available with a better graphics, sound, etc. But now Samsung will help them out just a little with its new HDTV .