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Youtube Has Super Tuesday Coverage For GOP Primaries

Youtube has changed a bunch over the years. One of the things it has done is to become more dynamic and more able to change what it is at a moments notice. One of the things it is doing to take views away from network and cable news is to have great politica coverage of events such as the GOP …

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Zynga Stock Downgraded By JP Morgan

On the heels of Zynga’s announcement that they were in the beta stage of the “Zynga Platform,” the Wall Street Journal is reporting that JP Morgan is downgrading their rating to neutral due to an “increased investor focus on social gaming, the potential for legalization of online gambling, and optimism in the soon-to-be launched Zynga platform,” J.P. Morgan analyst Doug …

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WSJ Pulls Free Google-Searched Content

Certain content exclusively accessible via Google’s “First Click Free” program on the the Wall Street Journal’s website is being pulled behind the paywall, a practice that some suspect other newspapers might emulate. And the WSJ has been blocking certain stories from the program since last summer. In a statement from Ashley S. Huston, Vice President, Corporate Communications, for the Wall …

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