Workspace Articles

Early Look: Microsoft Office Live Workspace
· 6

We have picked up a trio of screenshots of the forthcoming Office Live Workspace, which we’re just thrilled beyond rational thought to share with you.

Microsoft, Adobe Scribble Online Docs Products
· 2

Adobe reached out to snap up Buzzword, an online word processor, while Microsoft looked inward to find its Office Live Workspace.

Resources for New Media and Social Media PR
· 5

There’s a growing amount of buzz about social media lately, but specifically of interest is social media press releases.

IBM Enters Microsofts Workspace

IBM is poised to join the assault on Microsoft’s traditional dominance of preferred office applications, as Big Blue sets to roll out an “MS-Office killer” with the not-so-threatening title of “Workspace,” complete with Open Document Format (ODF) support.

Taking Control of Your Workspace

Let’s face it: it’s HARD to always be “on” when you’re at work. No matter how much you try, even the best-laid plans and schedules break down; sometimes it seems like all the forces are against you. You can get discouraged, weary, frustrated and unfocused. You can blame your boss, your spouse, interruptions, computer crashes, too much work, too little time…the list goes on and on.