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IKEA Charging Furniture Coming This April Won’t Work with Your iPhone

IKEA wants to free you from the ugliness of strewn-about cords, and has just announced a new line of furniture that can wirelessly charge your devices. Not your iPhones, but plenty of other devices. IKEA will launch a line of Qi-powered bedside tables, lamps and desks this April in Europe and North America, and will roll them out globally later …

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Starbucks’ Wireless Charging Initiative Sounds Cool, Will Likely Disappoint Many

Starbucks has just announced a new initiative to bring wireless charging stations to many of its stores. Awesome, right? The only problem is that not all wireless charging is the same, and Starbucks has gone with a technology that many devices aren’t compatible with – unless you purchase auxiliary products. Starting in the Bay Area and spreading out across the …

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Wireless Charging Set to Take Off

Wireless charging has appeared as a feature in a number of mobile devices over the past two years, but consumers have yet to largely embrace the benefits of such systems. This could all change in the coming years, however, propelling wireless charging into billion-dollar territory. Market research firm IHS today issued a new report predicting that sales of wireless power …

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Wireless Electric Car Chargers Are Coming

Production of electric vehicles is set to take off this year and the technology will make up a large portion of car sales within the next two decades. Along with sales of electric cars, the infrastructure needed for the industry will also be rolling out over the coming years. Beyond even this electric car technology will continue to improve, quickly …

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Qualcomm Enters The Smart Watch Market In December

Are smart watches going to be the next big thing? The general consensus is that we’ll all be wearing a mini-computer on our wrists within five years, but don’t expect a stellar performance out of the technology this holiday season. For those that do want a smart watch for the holidays, however, they now have one more option to choose …

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Wireless EV Power Stations Are Coming to NYC Streets

What if you could charge your electric vehicle by simply parking it on the side of a city street – no cords, no hassle. That’s the vision of HEVO Power, whose wireless EV charging technology is coming to a city near you in the future – but first it’ll debut in New York City. According to Wired, HEVO is planning …

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