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Renewable Energy to Become Important For Mining

In a possible sign of what’s to come, new signals in the mining industry indicate that renewable energy amy soon power mining operations in many places across the world. Market research firm Navigant Research today issued a report showing that mining companies, which use massive amounts of energy, are now looking to reduce the costs of rising energy prices. Many …

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Family Of 4 Lives “Off The Grid” In Desert

In the 60s and 70s many communes were formed for groups of “hippies” who no longer wanted to be in society. Many were nudist, others were love-ins, but one thing is for sure, the majority were completely “off the grid”. Off the grid has become a term given to those who choose to forgo modern conveniences and live closer to …

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American Attitudes Toward Clean Energy Softening

As renewable and clean energies have begun to proliferate across the globe, consumer attitudes toward different energy types have been a bit unpredictable. In recent years, American opinions of new and different energy-generating technologies have been dropping slightly. Now, market research firm Navigant Research has found that U.S. Adults are coming around on clean energy, if only for the most …

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Facebook’s New Iowa Data Center Will Be 100% Wind-Powered

When Facebook first announced their newest data center in Altoona, Iowa, they said that it would be among the “most advanced and energy efficient facilities of its kind.” Now, the company says that it will powered, in full, by a new wind project in nearby Wellsburg. The project is being developed by MidAmerican Energy. Facebook first began work on the …

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Wind Farms Are Deadly To Eagles, Study Says

The alternative energy resource known as wind power is a great method to create electricity without the non-environmentally friendly utilization of fossil fuels. Acquiring power by the use of wind does not generate nor use any greenhouse gases, and it also does not require a large amount of acreage. Even though the byproduct of wind power is a great alternative …

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