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Winamp Media Player Shuts Down In December 2013 Winamp Media Player Shuts Down In December 2013

Many of us remember from the Windows 98 days, as well as the introduction of MP3s, the uprising and popularity of Winamp Media Player. Before iTunes, it was the only well-known alternative to Windows Media Player at that time. Known …

AOL Celebrates Winamp’s 15th Anniversary with Android Album Washer AOL Celebrates Winamp’s 15th Anniversary with Android Album Washer

AOL is celebrating Winamp’s 15th anniversary with an upgrade to their Winamp for Android called Album Washer. The upgrade, available for $0.99, helps users clean-up and organize their existing media libraries. Available at the new in-app store, Album Wash polishes …

AOL Dives Deeper Into Mobile Services

AOL will announce several new services for mobile devices today at the CTIA trade show in San Francisco, including a Winamp update that should get more attention from music fans.

AOL Challenges iPhone With Mobile Winamp
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AOL is set to launch a new mobile product next week that will allow users to connect to their PC-based music collections from their mobile phones. An extension of the hardly noticed Winamp Remote PC-to-PC media streaming service that launched earlier, the PC-to-mobile service, in effect, turns a mobile phone into a MP3 player.

Who Cares About Windows XP N?

CNET News: A major U.K. retail store and three of the largest PC vendors worldwide still have no plans to sell the version of Microsoft Windows that does not contain its media player, five months after the version was released.

Manage your iPod with Winamp

News earlier this week that the next version of iTunes will enable you to sync your podcasts directly with your iPod, without needing separate podcatching software, has been eclipsed by this news in Wired News about Winamp…

Winamp Plug-In Allows iPod Tune Management

Though only Apple’s iTunes is supposed to manage an iPod’s playlists and music, some users wanted a different jukebox option.