Google Tweaks Guidance On Link Schemes

Google Tweaks Guidance On Link Schemes

By Chris Crum January 10, 2014 | 6 Comments

Google has made a subtle, but noteworthy change to its help center article on link schemes, which is part of its quality guidelines dissuading webmasters from engaging in spammy SEO tactics. Google put out a video last summer about adding …

Why Is Your Website Lagging? Why Is Your Website Lagging?
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How fast does your site load when visitors access it? Does it make users — and potential customers — wait or does it pop right up? If so, are simply blaming the hosting service, and/or the ISP and ignoring the …

Yahoo Announces Connected TV Partnership with Toshiba

Yahoo just announced a new partnership with Toshiba to feature Yahoo TV Widgets on several models of Toshiba’s latest 6”-55” HDTVs, including the WX800 Cinema Series 3D LED. "With the addition of Toshiba, Yahoo! now has partnerships with some of the biggest OEMs in the world, including Samsung, Sony, LG, Vizio, Hisense and most recently, Vestel," representative for Yahoo tells WebProNews. 

Google Voice Gets New Android Widgets
Google has announced the launch of some new Android widgets for Google Voice. The widgets are available in an update to the Google Voice Android app. 

The widgets are designed to give users immediate access to their Google Voice inbox and settings from the home screen. 

Wolfram Alpha Rolls Out Widget Builder

Wolfram Alpha told WebProNews today it has released beta versions of Wolfram Alpha Widgets and Widget Builder to allow users to create and share widgets on their blog or website.

"Widgets are the next step in our goal of making Wolfram Alpha ubiquitous–available to everyone, everywhere," said Barak Berkowitz, Managing Director, Wolfram Alpha.


Google Acquires Widget Developer Labpixies
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Google has acquired widget developer Labpixies, which developed some of the first gadgets for Google’s personalized homepage iGoogle. It also develops apps for Android and iPhone.

"Over the years, we worked closely together on a variety of projects, including the launch of a number of global OpenSocial based gadgets. Recently, we decided that we could do more if we were part of the same team…" says Don Loeb of Google’s iGoogle team.

Google Launches Buzz Widget For Android

Google has released a Google Buzz widget for Android phones aimed at making it easier for users to update their status and share content with others.

The Google Buzz widget allows users to post text and photos with a single tap, directly from the Android home screen.

The Google Mobile Blog provides more details. "Like other mobile access points for Google Buzz, the widget lets you choose to tag your post with the location or place from which it was posted."

By Tweeting, You Could Appear All Over the Web
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Twitter has introduced a new widget for the Lists feature. If you are unfamiliar with Twitter’s widgets, there is one that lets you display your most recent Twitter updates on a web page, one that lets you display search results in real time, and one that lets you show off your favorite tweets.

The Lists Widget is fully customizable. You start off by selecting the username of the account you want to pull lists from, then choose the list name, title it, and give it a caption.

Follow Layoffs With New Tracking Widget

Silicon Valley start-up, Telonu, which allows users to post reviews and ratings about workplace environments, has launched a Layoff Tracker Widget.

The widget allows users to display layoff announcements in real time on their blog or Web site. Layoff Tracker displays the company name, date of announcement, and the number of jobs affected.

Facebook Introduces Comments Box Widget
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Facebook has launched its first social widget for the recently launched Facebook Connect, called Comments Box.

Comments Box can be added to any Web site or blog and it allows other Facebook users to comment on any of the content. The widget also allows non-Facebook users to comment on content as well.

The Facebook Developer Blog provides details on how to add the Comments Box widget to any site.

MySpace Partners With PayPal On Fundraising
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MySpace has partnered with PayPal to create the MySpace IMPACT/ PayPal fundraising widget that allows users to collect donations for non-profit organizations.

Yahoo Partners With Intel On TV Widgets

Intel and Yahoo have announced plans to introduce widgets to television via set-top boxes.

The application is called the Widget Channel and will allow viewers to use rich Internet applications designed for TV while watching programs. The channel will be powered by the Yahoo Widget Engine.

RockYou Widget Builder Gets $35M In Funding

It seems investors have been reading the National Retail Organization’s suggestion that 55% of e-tailers want to focus more of their marketing dollars on widgets.

SES NY: What’s A Widget?
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Little desktop gadgets that reside inside a computer monitor deliver extra information to the viewers who opt to make them part of the daily browsing experience.

CBS Launches Ad Network For Local Sites

CBS has launched a local ad network for local TV stations, local bloggers and social media sites in CBS-owned station’s markets.

AOL Attaches Itself To Goowy

You have to feel a bit bad for AOL and Goowy – here they are with a solid arrangement in place, and Microsoft’s mammoth offer to Yahoo is all anyone can talk about.  Ah, well.  We’ll try to toss a few paragraphs their way, and begin by pointing out that AOL acquired Goowy.

MoveOn Web 2.0-ifies Itself
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More than just technology companies and marketers are taking advantage of the widget concept. Political activist group MoveOn.org has released several of them for use on blogs and open platform social networking sites like Facebook.