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Google Participates In First Smart Grid/White Space Trial

Energy efficiency and the white space spectrum have come together thanks to Google, a young company specializing in wireless tech, and an electric utility that also deals in telecommunications.  The organizations announced that the first smart grid wireless network trial is underway.

Google Throws More Support Behind Static

Google joined another wireless alliance this week, the Wireless Innovation Alliance, a coalition of technology companies and public interest groups devoted to opening up "white spaces" for broadband use.

Google, Microsoft To Invade White Space?
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When Google, Microsoft, Dell, Intel, and Hewlett-Packard team up, you know big things are a-happening.  In this case, all five companies want to make the Internet accessible through traditional television airwaves.

Website Design: Welcome The White Space

Individuals who are new to website development will often compartmentalize the web page and fill every available space with either text or graphics.