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The Oatmeal Is Being Sued by a Greeting Card Company

Apparently, people refuse to leave Matthew Inman alone and just let him continue to be one of the funniest people on the internet. The creator of The Oatmeal webcomic finds himself the target of yet another lawsuit, reports Ars Technica. This time, Inman is in the sights of a Massachusetts-based greeting card company who claims that The Oatmeal’s foray into …

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Getting Fat In Skyrim Is Easier Than You Think

As the upcoming comic strip points out, there are times during Skyrim when you absolutely, positively have to heal–normally, this occurs when you get surrounded by enemies. Unfortunately, it’s these harrowing times when you realize you forgot to stock up on potions, leaving you very few options, save for eating like you were Kobayashi. But what happens after you eat …

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Flowchart: The Cycle of an Internet Argument

Arguing and the Internet go together like cheese and crackers. Whether it’s a back-and-forth over favorite movies, songs, drummers, teams, players, women, men, politics–you name it–it’s a phenomenon like none other when you combine passionate subjects and Internet anonymity. In fact, Penny Arcade covered these events quite well with this little gem: Click for uncensored version xkcd did, too. Now, …

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