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A Humorous Take On Don Mattrick’s Move To Zynga

Is Microsoft’s loss of Don Mattrick be Zynga’s gain? Or will Mattrick suggest lesser versions of Zynga products if people aren’t able to upgrade to something new, and threaten his longevity with his new company? If Mattrick’s history does repeat itself, and he has to leave his new position, will it even matter? After looking at his contract for becoming …

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Playing Tag In Skyrim Looks Like Fun

If you’re bored with fan-generated content, courtesy of Skyrim, then away with you, knaves. You know not what you are missing. Yes, I am a huge fan of the game, and while that means I’m biased, I’m not afraid to say one of my more enjoyable things about the game is all the additional fan content that shows up on …

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