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To Kill Twitter or Not to Kill Twitter?

The other night, Facebook announced it was opening its Status API. This provoked an array of reactions around the web. Many seem to be under the impression that this will kill Twitter and similar services. There is certainly no general consensus though. You’ll find probably just as many people discussing why it will not. Let’s look at a few reactions…

Will Kill Twitter?

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Major Sites Hit With Iframe Injection Attacks

Security researcher Dancho Danchev cited numerous examples of high profile websites hit by attackers, believed to be part of the infamous Russian Business Network.

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Mozilla Focuses Web Apps Through Prism

A new project from the Mozilla Foundation, called Prism, lets people split web applications out of the browser and run them on the desktop.

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Google Docs Drops In Folders

The updated Google Docs & Spreadsheets offers folders for organizing documents, along with a few new enhancements.

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Google Gears Grind Out Web Apps

Google announced an open source browser extension that enables web applications to run offline.

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BlueTie: Helping Hand To Small Businesses

Small businesses often times struggle to keep up with big conglomerates, but now they have an opportunity to function as a big company without the additional manpower.

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