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DuckTales Remastered Finally Takes Us To The Moon

Last week, WayForward gave us a taste of the Moon level in DuckTales Remastered through a preview of the level’s music. The level’s music may be the most memorable part from the NES classic, but it’s not like the music is the only good thing about the level. In the latest, and probably last, trailer for DuckTales Remastered, we finally …

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WayForward Talks Music In DuckTales Remastered

Music was incredibly important to DuckTales game for NES. One could even argue that the music was the single most important factor in ensuring the game remained popular to this day. The folks at Capcom and WayForward realize this, and want to assure fans that they’re making music a priority in the remake. In the latest “duckumentary,” the developers at …

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Travel To Africa In The Latest DuckTales Remastered Trailer

We’re a little under half a month away from the release of WayForward’s DuckTales Remastered. The developer still refuses to show off the Moon level and its accompanying music though. You’ll just have to settle for a look at the African Mines level instead. With this latest trailer, WayForward further cements that it’s knocking it out of the park as …

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Here’s A Look At The Art In DuckTales Remastered

DuckTales is fondly remembered as one of the best animated television series from the late 80s. A lot of that had to do with its excellent aesthetic design that drew upon years of wonderful comic art. Now WayForward is bringing that art back with its remake of the NES game based on the series. In its latest “Duckumentary,” Capcom talks …

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DuckTales Remastered Continues To Look Amazing

Can we all agree that DuckTales Remastered looks absolutely magical? The remake of the NES classic from Wayforward continues to be everything I’ve ever wanted out of a modern iteration of Capcom’s best Disney game. Capcom released a new trailer for DuckTales Remastered today just in time for Comic-Con that shows off the Himalayas level. The combination of visuals, music …

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