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New Logitech Keyboard is Washable, Spillproof

This week Logitech began taking preorders for its new washable keyboard. And when Logitech says “washable” they mean the entire keyboard can be submerged in water and survive. The keyboard, branded the Logitech Washable Keyboard K310, has been designed to be nearly waterproof. One of the images on the product’s web page shows the keyboard being washed in a kitchen …

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Sony Releasing Waterproof Handicam This Month

The handheld cam kind of took a huge hit when Cisco Systems bought and subsequently shut down Flip Video in 2011. Some people thought it was because smart phones are taking over and they all have cameras on them. But only a small fraction of phones sold worldwide are smart phones and even fewer have HD cameras in them. So …

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Waterproof iPhones?

Have you ever ran your cell phone through the washing machine? many of us have and the end result is not always pretty, but there is help on the way according to makers of microscopic technology. The new technology is a film that would protect the internal components of phones, resist water, and also not interfere with the devices functioning. …

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