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Washington Post Predicts Interactive Success

Silly name, but predictably intriguing, Predictify has made its way onto several major newspapers’ and blogs’ radar, and now onto their webpages. Washingtonpost.com is the latest to partner with the crowd-sourcing prediction platform, joining up with the New York Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, and ReadWriteWeb, among others.

Paid Ads In Google’s “Search-within-Search” Feature Are Gone

Instead of garnering appreciation, Google’s ‘Search within Search’ feature came under intense criticism since the day of its launch.

Old Media, Time To Find The Missing Link
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There is an inherent competitiveness within the media industry, and any given entity goes about its business as though parallel organizations don’t exist – and throwing the competition a hyperlink is tantamount to endorsement. After all, if you sell shoes, you wouldn’t willingly direct customers to another shoe store, would you?

Washingtonpost.com Launches FactChecker

The washingtonpost.com has introduced the "FactChecker," an interactive feature that will be part pf the Post’s coverage of the 2008 presidential election on both the washingpost.com and in the newspaper.

Google, Washington Post Renew Ad Deal
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Washington.Newsweek Interactive and Google announced today that they have renewed their agreement to deliver contextual ads and Google Web Search functionality to washingtonpost.com’s Web pages.

Ad-Tech: ‘Content is King! (Again?)’ Keynote

Yesterday morning I attended the ad:tech 2007 keynote panel session entitled "Content is King!

Scoble Sits with the Washington Post

I’m sitting with Dan Balz, political journalist for the Washington Post. He wrote this story of the events this morning.

Don’t Join Washington Post Blogroll for Link Value

Quick update to the news that the Washington Post will be launching it’s own blogroll ad program.

WaPo BlogRolls the C-Listers

The Washington Post Online launched a program to give C-list bloggers a leg up. The company launched BlogRoll, which offers ad revenue sharing and links to participating bloggers from the front page of the news publication website.

Washington Post Joins Paid Text Link Business

Steve Rubel (that’s Roo-bell folks) has details of a new Washington Post initiative to sell ads on blogs.

Washington Post Blogger Quits…

The Washinton Post reports that one of its blogger recently resigned amid allegations that he previously plagiarized content.