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Facebook Testing “Trending Articles” in User News Feeds

Mashable is reporting that Facebook has begun to test a “Trending Articles” feature in user news feeds. The feature inserts articles from Facebook social reader apps into a user’s news feed amongst status updates and likes. Social reader apps are developed and used by major media outlets such as The Washington Post and Vogue to promote stories on Facebook. There …

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Google Favored More Than Apple, Facebook, & Twitter

This just in: nobody is really sure how exactly they feel about tech companies. Following last week’s LA Times/USC Dornsife poll found that most people don’t trust Google with their private information, another poll has revealed that, among tech companies, people favor Google more than Apple, Facebook, and Twitter. 82% of the 1,007 adults surveyed for the ABC News/Washington Post …

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Washington Post Masthead On A Chinese Government Publication

Freedom of speech — and thus, consequently, freedom to advertise — are fundamental principles of a free democracy and a thriving capitalist democracy, right? That’s what we’re told in this country from a young age. Well it turns out those freedoms are also employed by the Chinese Communist Party. In America. Namely, in The Washington Post. This is the source …

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Google Buys Ads Defending, Explaining New Privacy Policy

Sometimes you hear the military or sports metaphor “the best offense is a good defense.” That would seem like a fit strategy for most situations, like those involving military and sports, but it hasn’t been working out so well for Google since they announced their new Privacy Policy last week. No, it seems that they’re tired of playing defense and …

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