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Wajam Hits iPhone, Adds Friends To Search On Google Maps, Safari

Social search provider Wajam has launched on the iPhone with a new feature, which adds recommendations from your friends directly in Google Maps and Safari on the iPhone. “The breakthrough is that we can insert social content in third-party apps (Google Maps and Safari), something that is impossible to do with the current Apple SDK,” CEO Martin-Luc Archambault tells WebProNews. …

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Wajam Aims To Make Your Online Shopping Experience More Useful

Wajam is launching a new feature for social shopping. If you’re unfamiliar with Wajam itself, it’s a browser extension that adds social search results to your search experience across the major search engines and other sites including Amazon, Yelp, YouTube, eBay and others. The company has now partnered with Shopping.com to offer consumers a comparison shopping experience service from more …

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Wajam Places Adds Google Map Interface to Social Search Results

When Bing unveiled last month its new format that features search results collected from your Facebook and Twitter associates’ comments, it propelled the search engine past Google in the social search race. However, Wajam, the social media-powered search engine, insisted that it was still doing better at social search than Bing and today the company looks to further that claim …

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Wajam: We Do Bing Social Better Than Bing

Wajam recently released a new and improved version of its browser add-on that brings a more social experience to Google. The company has now released the counterpart for Bing and Yahoo. Since Wajam released the Google version, of course, Bing has unveiled its own major social overhaul. Wajam thinks it can do it better though. The company put together the …

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A Different Take On Google Social Search (Coming to Yahoo And Bing Too)

If you don’t like Google’s approach to social search with Search Plus Your World, you may or may not like Wajam and its newly redesigned Google search experience. Wajam has been available as a browser add on for quite some time. It’s been around far longer than Search Plus Your World, adding a personalized, social search experience across your favorite …

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Wajam Makes Personalized Results Less Obtrusive On Google

Some people like personalized search results based on their social connections. Some don’t. Google thrust Search Plus Your World upon users earlier this year, to mixed reviews. While it has an on/off toggle, it has littered search results with more content based on what people you may be connected via various social networks (like Google+ – not Facebook/Twitter) have shared. …

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