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HTC Phones Suffer From Bug That Allows Wi-Fi SSID & Password Theft HTC Phones Suffer From Bug That Allows Wi-Fi SSID & Password Theft

What is up with smartphones and their knack for having so many vulnerabilities just waiting to be exploited? HTC is the latest smartphone maker to acknowledge a vulnerability in their software that allows a user’s Wi-Fi password and SSID to …

Firefox Vulnerability Leaves Computers Open To Attack

There has been a lot of talk recently about browsers and the maneuvering that is occurring in that spacefirefox-logo due to new releases and expiring agreements and more.

Apple Bites Back At Critical DNS Flaw
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Apple took nearly a month after other major DNS system vendors to release a patch for a major vulnerability that has exploit code in the wild.

Adobe Posts Security Fix For Reader, Acrobat
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A code injection vulnerability in Adobe Reader and Acrobat 8.1.2 required a quick fix amid reports of an exploit for it in the wild.

Firefox 3 Receives Early Vulnerability Report
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Only a few hours after Mozilla kicked off its Firefox Download Day, leading to over 8 million downloads in 24 hours, someone discovered and reported a critical security flaw in the browser.

Word Users, Prepare For Critical Update

Microsoft’s monthly patch release schedule includes a Critical fix for an issue in their Office program, Word, and two other fixes rated the same.

Microsoft Warns On Exploit Affecting Word
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An indirect threat to several versions of Word via the Microsoft Jet Database Engine emerged as zero-day attacks began against the exploit.