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Young, Female, Democratic Voters Wanted to Share It on Facebook

If you logged onto Facebook on election day, you probably remember that the social network did their part to get out the vote by displaying a big voting reminder above U.S. voters’ news feeds. “It’s election day, VOTE!” it said. From there, users could either find their voting place via Facebook polling place locator, or they could click the “I’m …

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The Electorate Isn’t Completely Uninformed, and We Can Give Some Credit to Facebook

The pessimist inside every participating member of a democracy thinks that the electorate is full of completely uniformed voters who will pick candidates based on their tie color, much like a disinterested sports follower will pick March Madness teams based on their mascots. While there is plenty of evidence to suggest that they may be correct, a new study from …

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Google Makes It Easy To Stay Informed During This Election Year

The Internet played a pretty big role in the 2008 presidential election. That role is expanding even further during the 2012 election and major Internet players are helping you, the voter, to stay informed on the latest trends and announcements. Google announced today that they’re launching a Politics & Elections site that will collect all the latest “Google News, YouTube …

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Voters Trust Candidates With Deeper Voices More

Candidates with lower-pitched voices may get more votes in the 2012 election. A new study by biologists and a political scientist shows that both men and women prefer political candidates with deeper voices. The results also suggest that biology — not just partisanship or ideology — can shape voters’ choices. “We often make snap judgments about candidates without full knowledge …

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