New Vonage iPhone, Android App Takes Aim At Skype

New Vonage iPhone, Android App Takes Aim At Skype

By Shaylin Clark February 8, 2012 | 2 Comments

Vonage has released a new app for mobile devices as part of its ongoing rivalry with VoIP giant Skype. The app, Vonage Mobile, is available today for iOS and Android devices. Vonage Mobile offers free app-to-app calling, and claims to …

Vonage, Sprint Cool With Patent Settlement

Vonage’s infringement on six Sprint patents has yielded a lucrative payday for Sprint.

Vonage May Get Stay Of Execution

A landmark Supreme Court decision may prove to be the savior of Vonage. The ruling on "obviousness" is expected to have sweeping implications in patent law while pulling Vonage from the Verizon fire.

Vonage Has To Pay Up

Verizon wasn’t able to milk almost $200 million and 19 percent royalties from Vonage, but the troubled VoIP provider will have to fork over some cash for being in violation of three Verizon patents, a jury said yesterday.

Vonage Awaiting Last Rites From Verizon Jury

A verdict is expected by tomorrow as to whether or not Vonage owes Verizon nearly $200 million in patent infringement penance, and almost $5 per customer in royalties. If so, Verizon blasts a very large hole in an already sinking ship.

Vonage Hangs Up On Profits

The newly-public company’s net loss grew to $74.1 million for the second quarter, compared to $63.6 million from a year earlier.

Verizon Calls Vonage On Patents

Things just go from bad to worse for Vonage. On top of a tanked initial public offering (IPO) and a class action shareholder lawsuit, Verizon has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against the voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) company in a Virginia federal court.

Waffling Vonage Sued Over IPO Pre-Sale

The plummet of VoIP service Vonage’s IPO has drawn a class action lawsuit from Atlanta-based law firm Motley Rice. It alleges the company and its underwriters violated federal securities laws by publishing a “false and misleading” prospectus.

Goodbye Area 775, Hello Skype

If you recall, I cancelled Vonage back in April due to dissatisfaction with my service. I was ecstatic about the prospective of the features offered by Gizmo Project Area 775.

Vonage IPO Rings Up A Loss

Not since Lumera Corp’s IPO in July 2004 has a company IPO fallen as much as Vonage did in its first day of trading on Wall Street.

Goodbye Vonage, Hello Gizmo Project Area 775

About a week ago, I cancelled Vonage. I like the features but hated the service. I constantly had calls dropped, sometimes randomly heard other conversations, and generally had at least 2-3 issues with it per week.

Vonage Users Do It On The Phone

Can you guess VoIP company Vonage’s latest selling point? Nope. Try again. Sorry, no. It’s cheaper phone sex. Seriously. No, really, it is.

SunRocket Giving Bloggers a Bad Name

How many of you were offended with the Forbes article that labelled bloggers as an “online lynch mob spouting liberty but spewing lies, libel and invective.”

Sprint Direct Dials Vonage Patent Attorneys
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The newly merged Sprint Nextel has filed suit against Vonage, accusing it of infringing on seven patents.

News Corp Looking For Search, VoIP

Rupert Murdoch told analysts in Manhattan he expects to have VoIP and search engine capabilities for his nascent Internet empire “within weeks.”

VoIP 911 No Joke

Tens of thousands of VoIP customers may face losing their service Monday for failure to comply with the guidelines of the Federal Communications Commission regarding 911 emergency.

Vonage Calling Up $600 Million IPO

It appears Vonage has heard Google Talk’s heavy breathing and wants to expand before it’s too late.