James Earl Jones Receives Award For His Voiceover Work

James Earl Jones Receives Award For His Voiceover Work

By Val Powell November 11, 2014

The 83-year-old James Earl Jones is known for his unique voice. He has voiced Mufasa in The Lion King as well as Darth Vader in the Star Wars films. It seems the actor is finally being recognized for his voiceover …

Siri Crack Lets You Use It On Other Devices Siri Crack Lets You Use It On Other Devices

One of the major draws of the iPhone 4S is Siri, Apple’s voice assistant technology. But a team of developers claim that they have “cracked” Siri protocol, in theory opening it up to be used on almost any other device. …

Siri’s British Voice Didn’t Know He Was Siri Siri’s British Voice Didn’t Know He Was Siri

If you’re a U.S. user of Siri, Apple’s voice assistant feature for the iPhone 4S, you’re greeted by a mechanical yet still rather soothing voice of a woman. That changes for users in the UK. Their Siri is a man, …

Twitter Users Poke Fun At Siri, Latest Feature Announcement Twitter Users Poke Fun At Siri, Latest Feature Announcement
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Many features were announced for the iPhone 4S: 1080p video recording, iCloud, and a faster processor. However, there’s one feature which looks to be the most captivating and hilarious. It’s Siri. While keeping up with Twitter traffic, there was a …

AT&T Goes On The Offensive Against Google Voice

After getting the Google Voice App blocked on the iPhone and the FCC to scrutinize Google Voice, you’d think AT&T could sit back and rest assured. But not so.

Skype Could Be For Sell, Would You Buy?

eBay has been busy announcing changes and fueling speculation around others. According to the WSJ the online skype-logomarketplace is going back to its roots as an “internet flea market” , as well as moving away from the retail model that Amazon owns and concentrating more on PayPal.

Google Voice Is The Voicemail For The Internet

Google just announced a new service called Google Voice (click here for Mashable’s story).  According to Mashable:

Amazon Buys Extremely Rare J.K. Rowling Book

J.K. Rowling created seven handwritten, leather-bound copies of a book called The Tales of Beedle the Bard.  Six were given to close friends, and the last was sold to Amazon.com for about $4 million.

Google Reaches $2000 or TechCrunch Sells for $100M?

While you were working, an interesting exchange happened over the blogosphere. It seems TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington and Silicon Alley Insider’s Henry Blodget are having a war of words.

You might ask what this has to do with internet marketing, but I think you’ll find the exchange of interest.

First up, Blodget put up his thoughts on Google’s share price hitting $2000, giving it a market cap of $750+ billion.

Google Seeks Edge In Voice Traffic Talks

As part of Google’s ongoing efforts to broaden its network, the company has been actively seeking strategic negotiators for submarine networks, and for IP transit services.

Google Releases “Share of Voice” Impression Metrics

Search engine giant Google has released another enhancement to its AdWords advertising platform which will allow advertisers to get a better understanding of their campaigns’ performance. The new impression metrics are akin to traditional advertising’s "Share of Voice" measurements.

Microsoft Testing Mobile Voice Search

A leaked .cab file reveals Microsoft is working on a Bluetooth-enabled voice search application for Windows Mobile.

Experiment with GOOG-411

Google recently released their new Voice Local Search in beta, also known as “GOOG-411″, and I thought I’d kick the tires a bit. They also mentioned it on their new Google Lat Long Blog.

Talking Around the Mobile Web
Although many have cell phones and other mobile devices that would permit mobile surfing, few do.

Part of this is explained by the poor appearance of many websites as seen through a mobile device

Given the push to have more mobile-friendly websites, hopefully this will change.

The dotMobi community is providing resources and we now have a dotMobi Mobile Web Developers Guide.

Google’s Got The 411

Don’t have access to a computer or phone book but need to find the number of a local business? Google Labs has launched an "experiment" that provides free 411 services.

Microsoft: It’s Official, We’re Buying TellMe

In a statement today, Microsoft has confirmed its intentions to purchase TellMe, a provider of multiple different types of voice information services. Specific terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed as of yet.

It looks like you can chalk this one up as gossip that actually came to fruition. The last week has been rife with speculation that Microsoft would be purchasing TellMe. It was actually one of the more prominent news pieces until Viacom came along and stole the spotlight by dropping a billion-dollar bomb on YouTube.

Second Life To Get 3D Voice Capability
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Linden Lab, creators of the Second Life online world, announced plans to enable residents to voice chat with one another in real time. This initiative is geared toward improving the collaborative efforts of educators, non-profits, and businesses that run their operations within the virtual environment.

To invoke a recurring motif from the Star Wars saga…

“I have a bad feeling about this.”