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See How Ubisoft Made That Creepy WeareData Website

Yesterday Ubisoft, the publisher of the upcoming Watch Dogs, introduced a new website named “WeareData.” The website shows all of the public data available in the cities of Paris, Berlin, and London in an interactive map. The data used for the website includes social media posts (Foursquare, Twitter, etc.), traffic lights, mobile phone networks, and running subway trains. The purpose …

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Ubisoft Launches Watch Dogs “WeareData” Website

The concept for Ubisoft‘s upcoming Watch Dogs is relatively simple. It’s a Grand Theft Auto-style open world game with the added benefit that the player can find and hack various electronic systems around a futuristic Chicago. The ability to hack can affect traffic systems, hinder police, create blackouts, and even spy on individuals’ smartphones. The concept isn’t too far-fetched, and …

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This Is What A DDoS Attack Looks Like

The weapon of choice for many hacktivists is the distributed denial of service, or DDoS, attack. In essence, multiple users flood a server with so much traffic that it collapses under the load taking the Web site with it. It’s easy enough to understand, but a visual representation would really sell the awesome might of this particular form of online …

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Visualizing A Pizza Delivery Driver’s Route in New York City

One of the newer trends of the web concerns taking reams of data and adding some sort of visualization to it. We’ve seen it with Twitter use during the Japanese earthquakes and with 56 years worth of tornado data to name a couple of these visual transformations. Thanks to a find over at Laughing Squid (Via The World’s Best Ever …

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56 Years Worth Of Tornado Tracks

What you see in the lead image is courtesy of John Nelson, who took 56 years worth of tornado data (in the United States) and created the awesome-yet-frightening map that charts the path of every tornado that was reported in the timespan in question. The result is what you see above, otherwise known as an infographic that’s actually useful and …

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