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Gamers Spend $2.3 Billion on Virtual Goods
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According to a recent study by PlaySpan, over one in four consumers spent money on virtual goods in 2011, with gamers spending an average of $64 a year. These figures represent a 100% increase from 2009. The rise in consumers …

Diablo 3 Taps PayPal for Virtual Goods Payments
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PayPal and Blizzard have teamed up around Blizard’s new Diablo 3 and the Battle.net platform. “With the launch of Diablo 3’s public beta, gamers around the world will jump into Blizzard’s dungeon crawling masterpiece that, with its auction house system, promises …

Study Looks at Virtual Goods Purchasing By Ethnicity Study Looks at Virtual Goods Purchasing By Ethnicity

MocoSpace has put out an infographic looking at virtual goods purchases by ethnicity. This is based on the results of a study based on Americans by ethnicity, with data collected during June, looking at 40,000 mobile social gamers. The firm …

Study: Virtual Goods Increase Brand Awareness, Purchase Intent

A new report from Appssavvy claims that "virtual goods may be bringing the largest disruption entertainment, communication and e-commerce infrastructure companies have seen for a long time." The company’s research found that leveraging social activity around virtual goods has been successful in building brand awareness, influencing positive opinion about products, and even driving purchase intent.

Good News For Facebook: Virtual Stuff “To Make Billions”
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Facebook – along with a few other social sites and the developers of games for them – may be in for a great few years.  Certain experts believe that the business of virtual goods is going to take off in a big and very profitable way.