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Google Changes How YouTube Ranks Search Results

YouTube, often touted as the second largest search engine, just made a change to how it ranks content. The company announced in a blog post that it has just started adjusting the ranking of videos in YouTube search to “reward engaging videos that keep viewers watching.” In other words, the more of the video that viewers are actually watching, the …

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Recent Google Changes Video Creators Should Note

On Thursday, Google released a big list of changes it made throughout August and September. There were sixty-five in all, and we’ve discussed a handful of subsets of them in various articles, which you can find here. A few of the changes were related to how Google deals with video, so if video is part of your content mix, these …

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Using Video To Recover From A Google Algorithm Update

Dr. Melody King, VP of marketing at Treepodia, recently wrote an article called “Pushing Back on Google Penguin: How to Improve SEO with Video Links“. It’s not so much about Penguin, as it is generally improving your ranking using video. Really, this is about doing better in search, regardless of whether you’ve been hit by an update, but with so …

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SES San Jose Gets Fresh With Marketers

SES San Jose has come ’round the calendar again and while the event is now a routine part of the search marketer’s year, there are newer focuses in 2008 keeping conversations fresh and progressive. Where previous years had centered on linking, keyword strategies, viral marketing, tagging, and other standard fare, this year adds a surprising shift in flavor toward video SEO, search marketing economics, and even some peripheral subjects.

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7 Steps to Get Your New Site Indexed in 24 hours

Most SEO’s will advise you to buy an existing site/domain (lots of age benefit), but there are times when you need to start from scratch with a fresh domain.

It can sometimes take a couple of weeks to get a new domain indexed by Google (even longer to start ranking!). In order to speed up the process of getting your site indexed quickly, even in 24 hours, follow the steps outlined below:

1) Create 5 pages of content

Skip the “under construction” page and write several pages of real content, at least a few paragraphs.

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Video SEO Wiki Launched

Due to popular demand, founder and CTO Suranga Chandratillake is launching a video search engine optimization wiki along with VSEO guidelines for advertisers and content producers looking to break away from traditional text-based SEO.

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