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Google Announces Chromebox For Meetings

Are you a quickly growing business with employees all over the nation or even the world? Do you have a hard time setting up meetings between these employees separated by land and sea? If so, Google’s new hardware might just be what they need. Google announced this afternoon that it’s working with Asus to create what it calls the Chromebox …

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Skype 3D Video Conferencing Soon To Be Reality

In today’s world of online communication, Skype has become synonymous with home-based online video conferencing, and utilizing Skype has become one of the most prominent ways to video chat with other people around the world, especially since its merger with the software giant Microsoft back in 2011. Since Skype has become such a big name within the video conferencing world, …

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iPhone To Have 2nd Camera For Video Conferencing


The rumors on the new iPhone state that it’ll have a second camera for "video conferencing."  But think about it…if it’s on the faster 3G network, and it has that second camera, it’s not really "video conferencing," which conjures images of staid meetings and boardrooms and such.

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