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Mark Wahlberg Stars In Peter Berg’s “Lone Survivor” – Trailer

With today being Veteran’s Day, what a perfect day to check out the trailer for the upcoming real-life military thriller “Lone Survivor”. Based on the best-selling memoir by Marcus Luttrell, the film tells the true story of the 2005 “Operation …

Veterans Day Gets A Google Doodle Veterans Day Gets A Google Doodle
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Today is Veterans Day in the United States, and Google is honoring veterans with a homepage doodle. When the user clicks, they’re presented with a query for “veterans day,” and Google’s quick answer result: Monday, November 11 (Veterans Day 2013). …

Homeless Veteran Gets a Makeover in This Moving Timelapse
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Pull our your tissues, guys. This is a powerful one. Sometimes, all you need to make a fresh start is a little help. Jim Wolf, a US Army vet who has struggled with homelessness and alcoholism, was recently given a …

Veterans Day, 11/11/11 & Catvertising Veterans Day, 11/11/11 & Catvertising

Today‚Äôs video round-up includes a couple of tributes to our veterans, a couple nods to the whole 11/11/11 thing, and some other things that are being shared around. View more video round-ups here. Veterans Day 2011: 11/11/11: Eleven heads on …

Veterans Day Honored With New “Google For Veterans” Site Veterans Day Honored With New “Google For Veterans” Site

In honor of Veterans Day, Google created a touching Google Doodle to be displayed on their home page. That’s not the only way that they are honoring our military vets, however. Today, they announced a new site called Google for …

Veterans Day Honored With A Google Doodle Veterans Day Honored With A Google Doodle
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Today, as you probably already know, is Veterans Day in the United States. Formerly known as Armistice Day (and still known as that in other countries), Veterans day is a federal holiday that is celebrated every year on November 11th …

Google Remembers Our Veterans

This past Veterans Day, Google did something very different, and actually marked a holiday honoring our soldiers.

Google Decides Veteran’s Day’s Okay

Since Google began decorating its logo on certain holidays back in 1999, the company has been roundly criticized by American patriots for not honoring two holidays close to their hearts: Memorial Day and Veterans Day. At least one of those made the cut in 2007.

Yesterday, Veterans Day got its due.