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Melissa Jenkins’ Family Reacts To Guilty Verdict

Melissa Jenkins was abducted in March 2012 and was sexually assaulted and killed. On Wednesday morning, her relatives and friends found some relief and closure when the jury returned with a guilty verdict for one of her attackers. Allen Prue was found guilty of first degree murder, conspiracy and attempted kidnapping by a jury of his peers, and Melissa Jenkins’ …

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1944 Army Plane Crash Rescuers Honored

A 1944 Army plane crash left James Wilson, a 19-year-old crew member who was asleep in the back, stranded and severely injured. He surely would have died with the rest of the passengers if it wasn’t for the courage of two high school Civil Air Patrol members who were pulled out of class to search the wreckage. The crash occurred …

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Snowy Owls Drifting Deeper South

The snowy owl, typically a resident of the Arctic, has been delving further south as of late, and has been spotted in parts of the New England region of the northeastern United States. The wayward owls have come south due to a phenomenon known as irruption, which is an abrupt increase in numbers of a species when natural ecological balances …

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Peachem Shooting Leaves Two Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide

A shooting in Peacham, Vermont on Wednesday left two men dead in an apparent murder-suicide. According to the Vermont State Police, police received a report of shots fired at around 7 am on Wednesday. A 60-year-old woman, Jeannie Peabody, had made the call after her husband, 50-year-old Mark Peabody, went outside their home to confront a man who had parked …

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Vermont ISP Offers Gigabit Internet For $35 A Month

National telecoms like AT&T have said they are going to compete with Google Fiber, but there’s not been much proof of that so far. Instead, startups and small phone companies are leading the charge in bringing fiber Internet to more Americans. The Wall Street Journal reports that Vermont Telephone Co, a local telecom that only recently upgraded its century old …

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Vermont Governor Outruns Four Bears Barefoot!

Not to be outdone by Newark mayor Cory Booker’s rescue of a woman from a burning building, Vermont governor Peter Shumlin outran four bears. The 56-year-old Democrat woke Wednesday night to the sound of bears in his back yard, getting in to his bird feeders. He tried to chase the bears away, but they kept coming back. “The bears were …

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