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Google Is Trying to Trademark the Word ‘Glass’, Currently Having Some Issues

Google is attempting (and currently failing) to trademark the word ‘Glass’, in reference to their Google Glass wearable tech. Most of you will probably find joy in half of that statement. The United States Patent and Trademark Office is currently holding up their application for the trademark, citing a couple of main objections. “That’s effing stupid” not being one of …

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Twitter Finally Patents the Concept of Twitter

Twitter – the actual concept of Twitter – is now patented. U.S. Patent 8,401,009 just went through, with Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone listed as inventors. It’s a vague and overarching concept of a “device independent message distribution platform,” first filed in 2007. Here’s the abstract (aptly titled, in the situation): A system (and method) for device-independent point to multipoint …

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USPTO Lets Google Host 10 TB of Patent Info

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has entered an agreement with Google, which will see Google hosting unmodified patent and trademark public data.

The USPTO says it doesn’t have the technical capability to provide the information in a bulk machine readable format, and that the arrangement is to serve as a bridge as the USPTO develops an acquisition strategy for this.

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Google PageRank Patent May Go Poof

New criteria for restricting the scope of what the US Patent Office considers patent-worthy poses a threat to numerous software patents, including Google’s famed PageRank.

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USPTO Wiki-fies Patents, Pooh-poohs P2P

The US Patent and Trademark Office is swamped, so they’re going the route. Embarking on a patent review pilot project that will allow the online public to comment on patent applications, the USPTO is hoping the experts of the world will share the load.

The USPTO is not, however, that keen on P2P.

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Free Patent Search Information and Tips

The first step to find out if your invention can be patented is to conduct a free patent search online in any free patent information database online.

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Apple Adds Video To iPod…Trademark

An updated filing with the USPTO shows Apple has added video files to the Goods and Services description in the iPod trademark record.

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