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Facebook Acquires Domain Name

Apparently it’s pretty common for folks to mistype web addresses and leave out the dot before the name of the site. The result is, you end up somewhere other than where you’ve intended to be. It really isn’t that big of deal, but hundreds of lawsuits have stemmed from people hoping to capitalize on the mistakes of others. Facebook is …

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Bing Might Be Dropping The Number Of URLs It Indexes

As Google’s Penguin update is having its fun, Bing has been relatively calm. There has not been a major update in a few months and everything seems perfect. Well, everything used to be perfect. There’s a member on Webmaster World that noticed Bing was indexing fewer pages on his site. This wasn’t a small change either. Bing used to index …

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Country Specific Blog URLs

Recently Google has found an awesome way to defend blogs against local law. Say you’re in the UK reading a blog, normally the URL would read (blogname), but now with this new trick the URL can read (blogname) Pretty cool, right? According to Google, when a ccTLD appears, it corresponds to the current country location of the reader. An unofficial …

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