More UPS Stores Are Getting 3D Printers

More UPS Stores Are Getting 3D Printers

By Josh Wolford September 23, 2014

UPS says its 3D printing pilot program has gone swimmingly, and because of that it’ll soon introduce 3D printing in 100 additional UPS stores nationwide. “We are committed to offering small business owners, entrepreneurs and consumers high-tech solutions in order …

UPS Plane Crashes On Approach in Alabama UPS Plane Crashes On Approach in Alabama

A United Postal Service cargo plane crashed early this morning in Birmingham, Alabama. It then exploded, split into parts, and now two people are dead. Kathleen Bergen, a spokeswoman from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said officials are still gathering …

UPS Explains How 3D Printing Can Help Your Small Business UPS Explains How 3D Printing Can Help Your Small Business

Last week, UPS announced that it would be bringing 3D printers to its retail stores. It’s the first retailer to do so, and it thinks that small businesses will get plenty of use out of it. So, how exactly can …

UPS Store To Offer 3D Printing Services To Small Businesses UPS Store To Offer 3D Printing Services To Small Businesses

UPS is all about delivering packages and then refusing to leave them on your doorstep even when you politely request that they do so. Now the package delivery company is expanding its service into a surprising area – 3D printers. …

UPS Responds To Offended UK Fans Online UPS Responds To Offended UK Fans Online

UK fans have been quite upset about the commercial that UPS is running, using the infamous 1992 Duke win over UK as an example of great “logistics”. UPS has defended its use of the commercial, defying its own customer and …

UPS Commercial Is Stupid Business Move UPS Commercial Is Stupid Business Move

It was twenty years ago this month that UK fans were handed one of the greatest disappointments of our basketball-loving lives. It was the 1992 NCAA East Regional Finals. The Elite Eight. Duke vs. Kentucky. It was a battle to …

Shipping Sites See Surge In Traffic In December

Retail sites, shipping sites, and greeting cards sites all saw surges in traffic in December due to the holiday season, according to a new report from comScore.

"December proved to be a strong month for the retail category with Tuesday, Dec. 15 ranking as the heaviest online spending day of the year – and of all time – at $913 million," said Jack Flanagan, executive vice president of comScore Media Metrix.

UPS Launches App For iPhone Users
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UPS has introduced a new application for iPhone and iPod touch users that ships and tracks packages and also uses built-in GPS features to find the closest UPS store.

Available at the APP Store, the new UPS Mobile APP for iPhone allows users to track shipments, create shipments using the My UPS address book, calculate shipping rates and time-in-transit.

UPS Launches Online Printing Service
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UPS announced today it is launching an online printing service aimed at small businesses.

"After reviewing the research and listening to our small-business customers, we realized there is a real need in the marketplace for an online printing platform that is easy to use, provides functionality geared to small businesses, and is supported by a convenient network of physical locations," said Stuart Mathis, president of Mail Boxes Etc., Inc. (MBE), franchisor of The UPS Store brand.

UPS Adds New Feature For eBay Sellers
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UPS said Monday that all U.S. based eBay sellers now have a direct, free connection from within eBay to the shipping system UPS WorldShip.

eBay sellers can now import their information into WorldShip without having to manually enter data. Sellers can export shipping data from WorldShip and automatically update their orders with UPS tracking numbers.

eBay Launches Selling Manager For Third Party Developers
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eBay has announced it is beta testing its subscription-based Selling Manager service platform that allows third party developers to embed their applications at My eBay where professional sellers manage their business.

The platform is used by 270,000 online sellers in the U.S. to manage their business. eBay says it will no longer charge for its Selling Manager service in an effort to attract third-party developers.

Study: Live Chat Ups Conversions Tenfold
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Sales, online and off, are closed when the customer trusts the seller. To that end, how far does including live chat in the online sales and checkout process go toward sealing the deal? Numbers are coming in, and they’re looking good.

YouTube Goes Retro With Banner Ads And Pop-Ups
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When Google bought YouTube, the second question people asked (after "what about the copyright nightmare?) was about how Google planned to introduce advertising into a pure video vacuum. YouTubers have never been keen on being sold anything, not even Paris Hilton.

Ups and Downs of Socializing Content

There are many ups and downs to adding a user generated content section to a site. It has been interesting watching the effects of SEOMoz’s user generated content and points systems.

Google Launches Affiliate Network (Beta)

Via SEL, Google beta launched a distributed pay per action ad network, and are accepting publisher sign ups here.

Picasa Ups Storage, Features, Blogger Integration

Google has added new features to Picasa Web Albums, its online photo storage service, and increased the storage for free accounts to 1 gigabyte (up from 250 megabytes). New features include easy embed codes for sharing your photos through email, instant messages and websites and being able to search for public photos.

Simplicity Marketing from Apple, Nintendo, & UPS

Like anyone else, I find Steve Job’s product launch presentations to be mesmerizing.