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Big Bang Theory Doubted by Majority of Americans

A recent poll conducted by the Associated Press-GfK sought to test public perception, knowledge, and confidence in certain scientific principles which are whole-heartedly accepted as fact by the scientific community – things such as smoking’s impact on cancer rates, the plausibility of evolution, and the age of the Earth. Unfortunately, the results of the poll show that many Americans are …

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Big Bang Waves Discovered by Scientists

In 1916, Albert Einstein published his theory of general relativity. This theory, working with the underpinnings of the big bang, postulated that massive objects “bend” space-time and that this curvature is directly proportional to the energy and acceleration of the object itself. While many scientists of the time and since have felt that Einstein’s theory of general relativity was and …

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Barack Obama: Special Message On “Cosmos” Debut

For the fans of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos series, you might just be pleasantly surprised that the series is back with a ‘big bang’, not to mention updates on all of the new discoveries in the universe. As if the debut on Sunday night wasn’t exciting enough, there was a pretty special surprise guest: President Barack Obama, who introduced the episode …

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Stephen Hawking Upset with “God Particle” Discovery

At 71 years old, Stephen Hawking is the oldest survivor of ALS, a motor neuron disease. Despite being diagnosed with ALS at age 21, Hawking has defied the odds to continue living and become an extremely productive member of the scientific community. Hawking’s work in physics has led to advanced discoveries with the general relativity, black holes, and various areas …

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Nuclear Clock Keeps Excellent Time

Australian reseachers, along with other international scientists, have come up with an idea for a new clock that would keep the time of the entire history of the universe so far to under a second. That’s roughly 14 billion years – no easy feat. New South Wales Professor Victor Flambaum and his colleagues plan to build a clock that is …

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