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This Video Will Give You A Better Understanding Of Google’s Universal Analytics

You’ve had plenty of time to upgrade to Google’s Universal Analytics by now. They opened up access in March of last year, but some may have been hesitant to do so fo fear of the unknown. Universal Analytics is aimed at large enterprises, such as Premium customers and those who want to work with APIs. It offers the ability to …

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Here’s How To Upgrade To Google’s Universal Analytics

Earlier this year, Google launched universal analytics for everyone. At the time, it said the new tools would help businesses “measure how people actually become and remain loyal customers.” That’s great and all, but you may have found that universal analytics isn’t that easy to implement. In the latest episode of Behind the Code, Google’s Developer Programs Engineer Andrew Wales …

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Google Opens Up Universal Analytics Access

Google announced today that it is inviting all Google Analytics users to use Universal Analytics, which it first announced in October for large enterprise and Premium customers and those who want to work with API. “The new tools offered by Universal Analytics via the new Measurement Protocol (an API that enables you to send your data to Google Analytics) can …

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