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PlayStation 4 ‘Uncharted’ Announced, Teaser Trailer Released

The PlayStation 4 is now out, and gamers across the U.S. are now diving into games such as Killzone: Shadow Fall and Resogun. Something that seems to be missing, though, is a game from Naughty Dog, the studio that has defined much of the PlayStaiton brand with games such as Crash Bandicoot, Uncharted, and Jak and Daxter. Naughty Dog just …

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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Gets An Amazing Live Action Trailer

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale gets a bit of hate among the gaming community for being a shameless Super Smash Bros. rip-off. I can’t argue with that, but Sony has done some amazing marketing and fanservice with the title. The roster, while missing some obvious choices like Crash Bandicoot, is still a who’s who of PlayStation’s past and present. The latest …

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Uncharted Games Edited Into Feature Films

It’s undeniable that the Uncharted series from Naughty Dog is one of the most cinematic series to embrace gaming. You could even argue that the series should be a movie. There are still plans going around to make an actual Uncharted film, but an intrepid Redditor has done Hollywood one better. Redditor morphinapg has edited the cutscenes and gameplay of …

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