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Galaxy Nexus Launches In UK, Release Date In The States Still Unofficial Galaxy Nexus Launches In UK, Release Date In The States Still Unofficial
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Today, the wait for the much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy Nexus is over for a lucky few. The phones officially go on sale today in the UK. The Galaxy Nexus was announced for November 17th a couple of weeks ago, and although …

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Release Date: November 17th in the UK Samsung Galaxy Nexus Release Date: November 17th in the UK
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It looks like we finally have a hard date for the release of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus – at least for the folks in the UK. Samsung Mobile’s official Twitter account tweeted that the Galaxy Nexus will “roll out across …

Netflix Announces UK Streaming Service Netflix Announces UK Streaming Service

Netflix, despite some recent stumbles, is still the world’s top internet film subscription service. And they have just announced a move that will significantly expand their global reach. Today, the company said that they are bringing streaming services to the …

YouTube Expands Movie Offerings to UK YouTube Expands Movie Offerings to UK

YouTube has had movies available for a long time, but for quite a while, it was mostly just old stuff that wasn’t too much in demand, but then in May, they announced that they were doubling their movie offerings, and …

PlayStation Network Downtime Prompting Massive Trade-Ins in the UK PlayStation Network Downtime Prompting Massive Trade-Ins in the UK
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One of the big questions surrounding this whole PSN outage cluster-you-know-what has been brand loyalty.  At what point will PS3 owners jump ship and swim on over to Xbox 360 island? Over the course of the outage, I have asked …

The Royal Wedding and the Web – A View From the UK The Royal Wedding and the Web – A View From the UK

Well, the Royal Wedding has come and soon, perhaps the public attention it has been receiving will simmer down. That goes for the exploitation by cyber criminals, we reported on yesterday. They’re sending spam emails and using black hat SEO …

Royal Wedding to Be Broadcast Live on YouTube Royal Wedding to Be Broadcast Live on YouTube
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The royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton will be streamed live on YouTube. Of course. Obviously Google is excited about it. The comapny is in the midst of turning YouTube into not only the biggest web video destination, …

Google Spared UK Antitrust Inquiry (For Now) Google Spared UK Antitrust Inquiry (For Now)
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Lately, it’s seemed like just about everyone is interested in investigating and/or prosecuting Google.  French courts, Swiss courts, and (perhaps) America’s own FTC have all been offended by different practices.  Google may be spared an antitrust probe in the UK, …

Gowalla To Open UK Office

Earlier this month, Gowalla made a splash at SXSW in Austin, seeing all sorts of check-ins and earning the conference’s top award in the mobile category.  Now (although there probably isn’t a true cause and effect), the company’s going to …

StartUp Britain Launched StartUp Britain Launched
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Today, StartUp Britain was launched, an initiative offering support and resources for businesses just starting out or looking to grow.  The initiative has the backing of many companies known intimately by those of us on this side of the pond …

Foursquare Shows Interest In UK Expansion

Check-in company Foursquare may itself be on the move in a sense.  Although nothing’s certain just yet, its cofounder and CEO, Dennis Crowley, has gone on the record stating that he’d like to establish an office in the UK rather …

Social Media Beats Entertainment Category In UK
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One month before The Social Network lost to The King’s Speech at the Oscars, it seems that a category of sites led by Facebook pulled off a big (and arguably related) victory in the UK.  Experian Hitwise indicated today that …

Google Buys UK Finance Site BeatThatQuote.com
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Google has purchased UK price comparison site for financial products BeatThatQuote.com for £37.7 million ($61.3 million). News of the deal was confirmed by BeatThat.Quote.com managing director John Paleomylites on the company’s website. “Our team is excited about becoming a part …

Google Picked For Royal Wedding Site Hosting Duties

Months ahead of the actual wedding date, the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton has generated all sorts of media attention and page views, with people all over the world taking an interest.  And now Google’s right in the midst of it, as the search giant’s been picked to host the official Royal Wedding website.

YouTube Movie Service May Launch In UK
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YouTube users in the UK may soon gain access to a bigger and better selection of movies through the site – if they’re willing to fork over a fee.  Rumor has it that Google intends to begin testing a Netflix-like subscription service in the region.

David Cameron To Take Questions On YouTube
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Last month, something called "World View" began when YouTube users were asked to submit questions for President Obama.  Now, the series is continuing, as YouTube users have been asked to submit questions for Prime Minister David Cameron.

This is a big deal for Google’s video-sharing site.  Many different politicians have been happy to use YouTube at various points, making the development something other than a breakthrough, but it’s not every day that one of the most important people in the world sets aside a chunk of time for a special Q&A.

European Flight Search Site Skyscanner Buys Travel Startup Zoombu

European flight search provider Skyscanner has acquired UK travel startup Zoombu, which only launched its own travel search site last year (the company started in 2008).

Zoombu was founded by Rachel Armitage and Dr. Alistair Hann, who have moved into key roles at Skyscanner. With Zoombu, their goal was to provide multiple transport options in a single search. 

Econsultancy: UK SEO Market Grew By 16 Percent Last Year
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The term "austerity" was almost omnipresent in British culture last year, with budget cutbacks being discussed on a regular basis by just about everyone.  Only it seems the search industry came out more than okay, as a new report from Econsultancy indicates the UK marketplace for SEO came to be worth roughly $680 million.

Misleading Groupon Ads Flagged by UK Watchdog
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Groupon has had a few ads flagged after some issues with the Advertising Standards Authority, an independent watchdog for ad standards in the UK. 

The ads in question were found to be misleading, because they failed to make clear certain terms, such as the fact that one person had to pay full price for a meal to get a second one at a discounted price, or that another deal didn’t apply to weekends. One "misleadingly exaggerated" the savings it offered, according to the ASA. 

UK Online Retailers Score Big On Boxing Day

Many retail sites that cater to people in the UK had a great time of things yesterday.  In keeping with tradition (and barring some strange New Year’s Eve surge), new UK-specific Experian Hitwise data shows that Boxing Day turned out to be the busiest day of the year for online retailers.

Facebook Tops Google In The UK
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If any Facebook employees were still manning their stations two days ago, you can be sure they sent up a cheer as traffic data rolled in.  A report from Experian Hitwise has indicated that, at least in the UK, Facebook received more visits than Google for the first time ever.